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Mar 20, 2016
I think I found the brake, somebody here located one for me. It should be here next week. If it's the right one I'll pull the truck to a local shop and have them rebuild the tranny and I'll be back on the road again. I hope. Well see!

Thanks everyone who helped me with this.

If anyone in here deserves your next BMF designation, it is that "somebody here" who may have found you the right part.

Martin with his tear inducing pup rescue story and the always helpful, giving-the-shirt-off his-back Bill are among the nicest of the nicest guys in this Forum.


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Oct 2, 1998
Bathtub filled with water for flushing...check.
Propane fireplace valve turned back on, checked for working, and left with pilot light lit...check. (Two others not turned on at this time.)
Battery backed CO detector operating...check
Water bottles filled...check.
Hoping against hope that power and internet remain on...check.

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Feb 13, 2007
Big genny installed onto the house, test run, batteries topped off, 35 gal of diesel at the genny and 100 more in the trucks/lifts
Small genny on the shop, refreshed wiring, leaves and fire hazard cleaned up, topped off
Fridge is full of food
beer fridge is full of hootch

I am (hopefully) ready for a comfortable snow-in black-out for a few days

I hope the power goes out. I really do.


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Jan 17, 2014
^ you can always walk up to the main fuse box and then perform your own "act of gawd" ;)
TBH, it's one of those things us 'preparedness' nuts do as a test - 'power outage weekend'.

Start off with a 24hr 'induced outage', then shoot for a 48hr period. Summer and Winter. Good way to check for any missed preps before you ever actually need them.

It's much like picking a really cold forecast to test any new Winter camping gear in the backyard. Doesn't hold up? No problem. It's not a potential life or death situation out in the boonies with sub-par gear.
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Feb 24, 2019
I hope the power goes out. I really do.

I lived in Southern Alabama during a nasty winter storm (I don’t recall the real name, but we called it the Snowpocalypse) and it quickly overwhelmed the infrastructure. Once we broke out the propane space heaters and stayed out of the rooms with vaulted ceilings, the power going out was actually pretty fun. I only had to check in by phone with the boss for a week and we played some awesome games with the offspring. Good times. Good luck to those in the storm’s path!


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Dec 1, 2016
Wonder what we'll start off with...

Bourbon? Laphroaig? Beer? Wine?

Decisions, decisions...

I'd start with the Laphroaig. Something as rich and complex as a good Islay should be enjoyed when you have full faculties and appreciation for what you are sipping ;).

Start with the Laphroaig
Move on to the bourbon, maybe mix in a glass of wine or two (bourbon and wine can compliment each other well sometimes)
Throw in a beer here and there to sate the thirst
End with the Irish - (usually not a lot going on with that sort of whiskey)

Enjoy yourself and stay safe!