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Jan 26, 2012
I ended up making dinner for a friend, 2am, passing out over here.


Not sure what to tell you about my off the grid life; it's not really a wonderous adventure tale. I prefer to live simply and close to nature. I was stoked when a friend of mine offered me to live on his property a few years back, and left the house I had been renting for ten years to move there. It was about twenty acres in the midst of about 700 acres of sparsely populated ag zoned land, all adjacent to endless conservation land. Lots of folks gardening in the area, but no neighbors in sight and the nearest folks had to be really loud for me to be able to hear them. I had a sweet spot in the shade of some trees surrounded by fruit trees and gardens further away, with plenty of space for me to garden myself and do whatever I wanted. It's the only time I've had shade while I've been out here, and man, what a difference in the summer. I had a little open-air shack, a separate kitchen and storage area, and a shop/garage area. Power was from two 165W pv panels, storage was a couple off the shelf deep cycle lead acid batteries, enough for my basic needs. Unless it got really cloudy for a few days. Then I made do without power. I had plenty of legitimate reasons to use all manner of knives. 'twas pretty ideal and idyllic for me. Unfortunately my friend, who had moved out here in the 70's, decided the island had become too crowded, touristy, and money centered, and decided to pack up and sell the place, which he did and proceeded to move to some bumf**k town of 100 people in the SW US with nothing for hundreds of miles around. Here's my former shack:


In the back right of this pic is my former hive. I had captured a swarm maybe fifteen years prior on a different property and gifted the hive to my friend when I moved to yet another property where I couldn't have it. It was awesome to be reunited. Bees are awesome.

I'll see if I can find some more interesting pics from that period of my life. I'm off to bed.


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Jan 4, 2016
What island, nandok nandok ?

There is something very appealing to me about this simpler life. Actual pursuit of minimalism and a utilitarian life sounds refreshing.

We were just at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. I was blown away by everything they showed that you can do with a simple coconut tree. Real life skills.


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Dec 5, 2005
that's the only Hawaiian island I've ever been on. Went mountain biking there if you can believe it. When that red earth gets wet, it's no better than ice. We had the family set us up with a time share place and air miles, but travelled with our two year old and it wasn't the greatest trip of all time. Beautiful damn place, once you get away from the crappy resort area