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Apr 27, 2016
Making progress, got the legs done.


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Oct 2, 1998
I once posted a picture of a certain someone looking at the celestial bodies and got my peepee slapped, so welcome to the club
Sounds like a personal matter...

Moving right along...

(Back to self imposed exile)


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Apr 13, 2004
over here in Europe (greece & turkey) there is rumour that terrorists/extremists set the fires,give it thought,it's a cheap way to de-stabilize a country.fear and economical damage is huge!
I really doubt that's the case here. I don't know if you understand how easily a fire can start here in the Western US, it doesn't take much when it's this hot and dry. Terrorists are pretty unlikely, as it's not going to de-stabilize this country, we're a little more robust than that, lol.


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Jan 17, 2014
You know it's bad when you smell it in the house.
A really good air filtration system can be worth its weight in gold (especially true for allergy sufferers).

For anyone interested in going all out, IQAir's Perfect 16 whole house setup is great. Their room units are great too, but the cost of getting 3 room units is going to exceed the cost of the whole house setup (not counting labor).

I also happen to have an Allerair AirMedic room unit that's 8-10 years old and still going strong. Got it because it has one of the highest volume activated carbon filters available (absorbs odors and VOCs etc.) along with the HEPA filtration.

A side effect of the Allerair (~25 lbs of activated carbon) is it removes odors (candles, potpourri, dog farts and whatever) which may be a pro or con depending on the odor and the individual's preferences 😂

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Feb 24, 2010
We’re actually supposed to go to Disney world on a family trip in September but the trip is on the chopping block because of covid.
Sorry to hear that. I had a group of six and we went to Disney Hollywood Studios and EPCOT and everyone but me had a lot of fun. Masks required indoors, but not o
utdoors. Just way too hot and humid for me to enjoy. I will never go back there anytime from May to September under any circumstances. If you're able to go and would like my tips and pointers, just shoot me a PM.