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*RARE* Strider SmF CuBe TRADED

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Apr 20, 2005

For Trade:

Rare Strider SmF CuBe (Copper Beryllium) model. From what I know, it has the same specs as a standard SmF, 4 inch blade, 9 inches overall, Ti framelock, coyote G10 scale, but the blade is made for EOD uses since the Copper Beryllium is a non-magnetic, non-sparking alloy. Caution must be used during sharpening since this alloy in it's dust form will enter the lungs, and is a known carcinogen.

Blade shows very minor use and handling marks. Appears to still have factory edge. A minor patina has started on the blade from the areas not covered by the scales, but I wouldn't know how to clean this properly.

I am looking for a Strider SnG or SmF w/ green G10, stonewashed drop point blade. The difference in trade values can be discussed via email.





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I have two Striders up for trade. A DB and a EB-S. I figured the worst you can say is no.
I have two Striders up for trade. A DB and a EB-S. I figured the worst you can say is no.

no, thank you. I am only looking for the listed trades at this time, and am not interested in any Strider fixed blade models.
Bump to the top. Where's Monty Hall? Let's make a deal! I'm willing to do a little bit of downtrading to get the knife I am after. I am not willing to take a bunch of lesser value knives for the trade of this one. Someone who has a new, or as new condition SnG or SmF with the stonewashed finish and a colored scale, please contact me by PM or email!
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