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Rat Trap and NIP up


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Nov 8, 2005
I have 2 mint items up for trade this evening.

1 Rat Trap with Zipper pouch...just can't bring myself to use it


1 Nuclear Ice Pick...went on a quest to find 1 and ended up with a spare.

let me know what you have in the way of trade in Swamps and Busses. Or gear. Or anything you may think I would like!


Both Gone......
1 Rat Trap with Zipper pouch...just can't bring myself to use it
I dont have any thing to trade but would like to send one of these to my brother in iraq let me know if you will sell outright thanks again Jo
Is the rat trap still available? If so I have a street scrapper on the way that I would be willing to trade.
If interested E-mail me at coyotesniper69 at yahoo dot com
Still up......Really looking for Meaner, leaner, active duty or any variation of or condition.
Trap Gone, NIP still looking for a good home....I know someone has one tough block of ice that needs to be attacked!!
Rat Trap last BUmp before it moves to Sale thread.....looking for used Hell Razor..partial trade....or a Fehrman....any style or anything else!
I'm confused... Do you still have the Trap? If so, would you consider a Street Scrapper for trade?