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Re: What, You Can't Read???

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Mar 26, 2000


A few things. Please hear me out.

1. First I think I can Read, thank you. I don't much care for the title of your message.

2. I was never told by anyone that they were moved (whether I can read or not). The issue was never addressed until now.

3. I don't think my posts WERE moved. They appear to have been DELETED as they are not in any of the other forums from what I can see.

4. I have never been a member to post confrontational posts---I just mind my own business and never stir the water......until now.

5. I think my comment about knifeforums is completetly warranted. Ever since you changed the format and increased the number and the scrutiny of the MODERATORS, this forum is going downhill. It DOES APPEAR that there is censorship going on here, and the other members NEED TO KNOW THIS. Or some of what is going here MUST STOP.

----- Original Message -----
From: Spark
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 10:52 PM
To: bowler33@msn.com
Subject: What, you can't read?

What part of


Don't you understand? Your threads were not deleted, they were moved to
the appropriate forums, because, apparently, you don't understand what the
categories are for.

Your posts about going to KnifeForums.com were uncalled for and tactless,
especially considering that your posts being moved (not deleted) to the
correct area was not done out of malicious intent, but to give you a better
chance to sell.

Oh well, I guess you'll be beating feet anyhow. Have fun over there.

Kevin Jon Schlossberg Webmaster, BladeForums.com
spark@bladeforums.com The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion
Hmmmm ... you get your posts moved because they're in the wrong forum, and then get riled about it ...

So you go and post your complaints in the "For Sale" Forum?? :rolleyes:

*scratches my head* umm, I don't get it ...
Apparently Mr. Bowler is one of those who think that crying Wolf is more effective than actually thinking things through and finding out what actually happened.

It also seems he thinks the world owes him an apology for his own actions.

I sent him the above email in response to his threads saying that there was "SENSORSHIP" [sic] here, and that everyone should go over to KnifeForums.com

Oh well, just goes to show you, you give someone a hand, and they will turn around and slap you in the face.

And your reason for bringing this thread back up after 38 days was for what reason? Bored?
I've got to agree lifter. This is over, and you start it up again so that you get another pissing match started. What the heck for?:barf:
This is old, sad news. Close this thread please.
I'm with you Danbo or should I call you "Captain Brogaine"!
Hey, this is fun! So far we have four posts in a row complaining about bringing this thread back to the top ... and this one makes five ... we could keep this thread at the top of the list forever!
Troublemaking for trouble's sake.

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