Recommendation for a fixed blade knife

Mar 30, 2001
I am looking to buy a good fixed blade camping knife. Something is 6 or more inches w/ 440 or better. I'm trying to stay around the $100 mark if possible. Any sugguestion to buy or to stay away from?
Falkniven is indeed a good choice if you want a stainless steel. But also look at the Becker Knife and Tool(Camillus) line if you want heavy choppers. A Kabar Warthog is a great lower cost camping knife as well. Also the Cold Steel SRK is a good choice. The Buck Kit Carson Intrepid is another good fixed blade. Many good choices are available under and around $100.
OOps! I forgot the SOG fixed blade line. The SEAL 2000 has 440 A stainless. Most of the other fixed blades in the SOG line have stainless steel blades and are great fixed blades around $100!


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That FÄLLKNIVEN KNIVES looks like a sweet knife. Anyone own one? Does it come razor sharp from the factory? Is it in the 440 range or better?
Fallkniven uses VG-10 blade steel which is a premium steel. Certainly a good choice for the type of service these knives are designed for. While not one of the better known stainless steels out in the marketplace, it is certainly in the same performance class as other premium steels such as ATS-34 and 440C. It is superior, in general, to the AUS-6 & 8 series and 440A in my book.

They come with a 'convex' edge, which means that doesn't have the traditional flat wedge shaped edge grind. I find this type of edge to be easy to maintain on with steel when using it for light work. Once you put a stone to it, the edge profile returns to the traditional edge and whatever sharpness you are capable of making.

Get one with the Kydex sheath and enjoy!

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Fallkniven A-1, BK&T Campanion.

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This link will get you to the English side of the Fallkniven web-site.

As you can see from the recomendations, Fallkniven and the Becker line keep getting mentioned - for good reason.

The Becker line uses a carbon steel and also offers a great value. The Becker line is a little larger and heavier so, depending on what you will use the knife for, may or may not work out better for you. I really like the Becker Camp knife myself.

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Do you have a becker link? A heavy knife means a better work knife from what I understand. I'm going to need a knife that can cut good, and cut again.
I had a buck intrepid for a while and really like it. It has a secondary edge on top for chopping and a razor sharp edge out of the box
Becker, KABAR, SOG, Fallkniven are all great suggestions, also check out the Grohmann R4S, R1S, or RK1S.

The R4 was received a very favorable review in a recent Tactical Knives.

Click here for Grohmann and Marble's knives.
I had the chance to handle the Becker Campanion and the Magnum Camp knives. IMHO, the Campanion is very impressive, but too heavy for it's size. The Magnum Camp, on the other hand, struck me as one of the better balanced knives I've ever held. It was designed by Jerry Fisk, the National Living Treasure knifemaker. I can't remember which forum, but quite recently, a forumite showed a picture of his Magnum Camp which he'd customized. WOW! too cool.

Were I in your shoes, it would be between the Magnum Camp and the A1 or S1. The S1's blade is just barely shorter than you specified.

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Let me put in another word for Becker and Grohmann.

Becker Knife and Tool knives are manufactured by Camillus Knives, I don't believe I know of a site with good images, if you send me an email, I will forward a couple of images that I have collected.

Grohmann Knives are available from Marshman Brothers at,

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I still say my Big Country Kampr is the best camping knife out there! It is AUS 8, hardened to about 56 or 57, so not brittle. Stainless, full-tang, convex grind. I can use it in the kitchen on meat and vegetables, and then head out and chop brush. Strop the sucker, (&wash it
) and hit the kitchen again. It sells for $99 at and comes with a multi-position sheath.
Another vote for Fallkniven A1. First thing that pops to mind when questions similar to yours are asked.

Excellent quality and very good steel at this price point.

See also Dozier KS-3 Pro Guides knife if you can cough up $165 or look for one used on forums for say $135-$155.

I just got a Steve Mullin Pack River Camp in D2 that is a gem. He's moving, building a house or something, no orders till Fall... see here:

Personally, I wouldn't buy anything out of 440A or 440B, AUS-6 or AUS-8. YMMV. Look for these in ascending order:


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Spend the extra money on a good knife. It is a good investment in your comfort and safety that will last a very long time.
My longtime favourite was the Cold Steel Trailmaster. My current main camper is the Busse Steelheart II. It is a superb knife.
I always also carry a smaller talonite knife for more delicate chores.
You can get a knife perfectly suited to your tastes and needs by looking at and speaking to a custom maker. The Canadians are incredibly good value. In stainless steels, consider George Tichbourne and Thomas Haslinger.

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Kendall Campbell
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">A heavy knife means a better work knife from what I understand.</font>
No, the heavier knife means only more weight to carry. It may have some advantages if you are going to chop with your knife. On the other hand work with heavy knife can be quite tiring if you need to make a lot of short, precise cuts like sharpening pencil, preparing food or stripping the game.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I'm going to need a knife that can cut good, and cut again.</font>
If you are going to use your knife for pure cutting get SPYDERCO Bill Moran Featherweight, now it is available also with drop point blade.
If you need stronger knife (also for pure cutting) get Fällkniven F1. If you need strong knife for chopping get Fällkniven A1.
If you need as versatile knife as possible get Fällkniven S1.

Please take a look also onto BENCHMADE Nimravus and GERBER Yari though they are somewhat more defense-oriented knives.

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Becker Magnum Camp.Use mine all the time.Great balance.Wish I had one when I was in the Nam.


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