Recommendation for a fixed blade knife

Also, Check out Newt Livesay. He has excellent user knives with very comfortable handles. I can recommend the Air Assault ($125), but there are plenty of others to check out.
The kydex sheath is $25 extra. Is it worth it?

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Fallkniven uses VG-10 blade steel which is a premium steel. Certainly a good choice for the type of service these knives are designed for. While not one of the better known stainless steels out in the marketplace, it is certainly in the same performance class as other premium steels such as ATS-34 and 440C. It is superior, in general, to the AUS-6 & 8 series and 440A in my book.

They come with a 'convex' edge, which means that doesn't have the traditional flat wedge shaped edge grind. I find this type of edge to be easy to maintain on with steel when using it for light work. Once you put a stone to it, the edge profile returns to the traditional edge and whatever sharpness you are capable of making.

Get one with the Kydex sheath and enjoy!

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I have three suggestions: the BK&T Brute (which is about $100), the Cold Steel SRK (for only about $50), and the Fallkniven A1 (with Kydex sheath about $110 at ). All are great knives. My suggestion goes with the Fallkniven, though.

For a little more, you can get an even better knife; the Busse Basic #5 with a kydex sheath is only $133 at . A great knife. Extremely sturdy.
A knife is a tool to create less work. Heavy or not. It is a level with an edge. The longer and sharper the edge the more work it will create. Weight is a factor for travel but not me. Your meaning is taken. It seems that an A-1 is the way to go for me. I still do want to thank you for your thoughts. They are well taken. I bought a Fällkniven A-1 with everyone advise, and I thank every one for ther advise.

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Kendall Campbell
A heavy knife means a better work knife from what I understand.</font>
No, the heavier knife means only more weight to carry. It may have some advantages if you are going to chop with your knife. On the other hand work with heavy knife can be quite tiring if you need to make a lot of short, precise cuts like sharpening pencil, preparing food or stripping the game.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I'm going to need a knife that can cut good, and cut again.</font>
If you are going to use your knife for pure cutting get SPYDERCO Bill Moran Featherweight, now it is available also with drop point blade.
If you need stronger knife (also for pure cutting) get Fällkniven F1. If you need strong knife for chopping get Fällkniven A1.
If you need as versatile knife as possible get Fällkniven S1.

Please take a look also onto BENCHMADE Nimravus and GERBER Yari though they are somewhat more defense-oriented knives.

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The kydex sheath is $25 extra. Is it worth it?</font>

Yes! While a good quality leather sheath will last a long time and works very well, Kydex/Concealex are better in harsh use environments. Kydex offers superior protection to the knife wearer when (or if) you take a good tumble down a creek bed or off a horse or motorcycle. If it gets really wet you just hang it up in the sunshine somewhere. When its muddy, wash it off in a stream. For long term storage, kydex won't cause a blade to rust since it doesn't attract or retain moisture or chemicals using in tanning and dyeing leather.

If your money is a little tight, you can always get cheaper leather sheathed model and order a custom Kydex/Concealex sheath from one of the forum'ites later. There are a couple of folks around here who do really good work for a reasonable price.

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For the record, I just bought a Fallkniven A1 with the Kydex sheath. I think I should be quite pleased. Thanks everyone for your help and the links.

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I am looking to buy a good fixed blade camping knife. Something is 6 or more inches w/ 440 or better. I'm trying to stay around the $100 mark if possible. Any sugguestion to buy or to stay away from?</font>

Another vote for Grohmann knives. I believe Fallkniven, Becker and others are great knives. That one of Grohmann I own is realy not bad. It looks and works great.
Just have a look at one of the above mentioned addresses.

Good luck