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Recommendations for sharpening services in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area?

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Dec 10, 2015
I have no experience yet in knife sharpening and will not learn it quickly and I now have several moderately expensive knives that i don't want to ruin. I am aware that I can send ZT, Kershaw and Benchmade knives in to the manufacturer for free sharpening, but i really would prefer to not have to go thru the pain of shipping and waiting many weeks for return. Does anyone know of any good knife sharpening services available in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas area? I had a great one but he moved out of my area. I've heard not to use Bass Pro or Cabelas or House of Blades. Any suggestions?

I'm also interested in learning how to sharpen, but i would need face-to-face instruction by an expert, not just watching YouTube videos. Anyone know of anyone who would teach me in my area?
You can always try out the Spyderco Sharpmaker, its very simple to use. However its not good for sharpening a really dull knife unless you buy the diamond stones extra.
If they are users i have always had good results with lansky/gatco/insert name here clamp systems for when they get really dull and ceramic crock sticks for touch ups though i am looking into getting the ken onion edge thing when i get a spare 150 bucks
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There are plenty of people that sharpen knives here.