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Reference: Mr Allen Blade AKA Scott Allen Fowler

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Rob Simonich

Big Bear
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Oct 3, 1998
WITHOUT PREJUDICE/WITH NO MALICE. The following is a statement of
facts, as I believe the facts to be true and correct, upon investigation and direct

This is a NOTICE OF CAUTION in the form of ADVICE to anyone
contemplating a situation of trust in business with Mr. Blade

Over the last several months I have talked to many people in the industry that have
had less than honorable dealings with Mr. Allen Blade, AKA Scott Allen Fowler.
Of the people I have talked to, I was the one most familiar with the forums and
volunteered to post this information. It has been sad for me to hear all the stories
on how these friends and acquaintances of mine were bilked out of THOUSANDS
of dollars, and hurt their reputations in the process. Where I can, I have double
checked all the information posted. I was very hesitant to get into this but after
hearing all the stories from these folks, I felt the truth should be known. I am
sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the more I look the more I find! Except
where noted, all the information and names are used with permission with contact

And please, before you mention his recent divorce and move, know that all those
listed below had their bad dealings before any of this took place. I expect to take
some heat for this, but wouldn't be posting this information if I thought it wasn't
worth letting folks know to beware dealing with Allen Blade! Also, Spark has
been aware of this for a while now and has given me his blessing to post this.

Here is a list of some of the people I have talked to, I wont get into the personal
side, but just list names and amounts they can prove or feel is owed to them by
Allen. Also, please excuse my spelling and grammar, never was any good at it!

TOPS Knives
Mike Fuller Owner
At least $2500 in cash advances for knives and work never delivered.

Simonich Custom Knives
Rob Simonich
$685 in un paid Talonite for Joe Chen since June 2000.

Tactical Tools
Jim Fields
Aproximently $3000 to $4000 in cash advances.

Joe Chen
$1175 in cash and or undelivered knives that were paid for up front This is the
saddest story I heard so far as Joe Chen ordered these knives and paid for up front
for his annual forum knife. He feels his reputation was badly hurt over this, but
being the trooper he is continues to buy knives in the forum here.

Frank Olsen
About $8000 in undelivered knives that were paid for up front, damages and
trades etc. that went bad. The $8000 is a conservative estimate of actual out of
pocket money lost.

Becks Cutlery Specialties
Ronnie Beck
Conservatively $7000 in cash advances for knives never delivered, knifemaking
machinery bought for Allen that Allen sold for cash. 4 of a total of 24 knives paid
for were delivered.

This is just the start, there is many many more people that I either haven?t
contacted yet or they wish to remain anonymous! I have on the list over $16,000 in
anonymous money owed. I probably shouldn't have even bothered to mention that
but felt it is important as well.

Added up that is about $38,000 in un honorable exchanges, and there is more! I
will add to this if necessary and asked to. Feel free to add your own comments,
Good, Bad or Ugly!

(Edited for puctuation)

Allen Blade
510 S Rogers St
Aberdeen Md. 21001
Thanks Rob!!!!!!!!!!

This guy lied about the status of my order at every step of the way.

I do not recommend dealing with him based upon my dealings with him.

It's ok if a knife is late, just tell the truth about it.

Thanks for having the guts to set the record straight.
Well Rob I hope your wrong as I am waiting on a neck knife that was supposed to have been mailed a week or so ago, but it doesn't sound like it.I will let you guys know what happens.

I have never said i didnt owe any one anything in fact quite the opposite, now lets get some things straight. And i will go through them bit by bit. This may end up costing my posting privlages but so be it.

1 . Mike FUller at TOPS knives, i do not feel i owe a thing too, i have asked repetedly for him to itemize what he feels i owe him,, no such luck. He took and used my Knife pattern that i made as a prototype for him called the BLACK WOLF 3 without giving credit or paying Royalties for the design. He also took the Name SPOKANE STREET SCALPEL which was my name for my Little tanto neck knife without permission, I dont feel that i owe mike a thing in fact i am and feel i am caught up on any work i owe him monetarily until i get a itemized copy of all the work i have done for him in hand to compare what he thinks i owe him and what i know i dont.

2.Rob SImmonich,,,, not a problem Rob i will send you back the talonite i have left, no big deal to me,,, remember it was you who stated as i get the knives made to send the money for them, i will get the talonite i have left in the mail this week, back to you.

3.Jim FIelds ( Tactical tools)

Jim can kiss my A*S, he stole and took every design i ever did in KYDEX without licence or permission, Including stealing my Neck Knife design and my Spokane Street Scalpel Design , without permission or royalties, every product he has that his company does was my design and original idea,, wonder why i left him in the dust as my partner,,,figure it out. Also kind of funny that he seemed to be just friendly as hell and also pay me for sharpening his knives,,which where the design he stole from me prior to me leaving spokane, Wa.
dang i am a terrible guy i guess i even sharpen peoples knives that were and are a direct copy rip off of my own work.

4. Frank Olsen ( Skunk work)

Same as tactical tools above,,,,,every design he makes is MY design and original idea, this guy hasnt had an original idea in Kydex work period, in fact he even ripped off Jim fields work which is mine in the first place. Frank i owe nothing to PERIOD ! ! !
Frank took his knives from me, and the funny thing is ,never even paid me for the ones i had started to make him that he took unfinished for some reason, maybe he figured he would finish them,,,,buuuahahha yea right.

5. Joe CHen
Yep i owe Joe 10 more talonite CHipmunks, that i am working on with everything else, as for the rest he hasnt paid for anything else, and the money amount that was specified was the original amount but you seem to forget to subtract what he has already recevied. I have talked to Joe lately and i TOld him i would sell the knives myself and return his money, which he didnt agree to as he stated he wants the knives more than the money,,, I do keep emails ! !
And remember i cant make 20 knives for the same person all at once, i had other people waiting prior to Joe for knives also, he has gotten half of the talonite knives he ordered already, the others are on there way soon. As for the other steel knives he ordered that he didnt pay for well, i have to back out of those i guess. I will email him about that.


Yep i use to deal with them also, until they went behind my back and took my CISO RECON blade referenced to and had Gary Hicks start making it behind my back. Becks will get there 6 knives i still owe them as well as everyone else i owe too, funny how the money amount grows from 6 knives at 250.00 each to 24 knives.

Now its my TURN.

I have had buisness Dealing with the following people and feel they owe me money also which i havent complained about or said anything public about until now. And which i can prove by design and construction methods and by prior Provenance through articles and dated pictures and brochures.

1. FRANK OLSEN ( SKUNK WORKS ) Untold Monies from all Products sold through his company from its conception, you see I taught Frank how to make Kydex, but i didnt licence him to STEAL all my designs and proprietary ideas and concepts as his own. ALSO i guess Frank failed to mention that he came to my shop and removed then knives i was working on for him on his own accord before i had finished them for him and failed to pay me for them also,,now thats a concept,,why Pay allen, let say he owes me instead. ANd also how about asking him about the two ED CAFFERY random pattern Damascus blades he stole out of my shop when i was in NEW YORK that i was making for myself and Jim Fields From tactical tools. In Fact Ask Jim Fields about that also. Lets see as i remember it that was almost 400.00 worth of Damascus he stole from me and Jim fields.

2. JIM FIELDS ( TACTICAL TOOLS ) FUnny that jim told me we were Square on our Dealings Money wise after i wrote a letter for him to his attorney when he was being SUED in open court by EARNIE EMERSON
for stealing his Shoulder harness RIg made of Kydex, which by the way i developed which they both Took from me without permisson. Also Jim FIelds took my Neck Knife Design Drop point set up kydex design and all and had it made and lazer cut out without my permission and without royalties paid, oh yea he did the same thing to my SPOKANE STREET SCALPEL , which he calls his street knife. Kind of funny how i can make this knife and he has it on his web site, oh yea and i have copies of his website to prove it. SO i figure he owes me monies for all these products he has sold since Tactical tools formed.

3. Mike FUller ( Tops Knives)
Not sure what mike should owe me as i have never been given the courtesy of Royalties from the SHADOW HUNTER i designed, and the BLACK WOLF 3(sniper Hide) and i have done more than my share of work for Mike to pay him back two fold, in fact i quit working for him because i felt i was getting taken for a ride and not being treated fair due to the fact i never received adjusted figures about anything that i either owed him or he owed me, i was told to design knives for his company to sell ie... SHadow hunter, Black Wolf and didnt get squat for the effort.and by that i mean ROYALTIES ! !


I sold my property and moved my entire family to live with Kevin and his family in 1990 shortly after the eugene oregon show where we met at face to face and struck our partnership, I didnt recieve any pay for the 5 months i worked for him when i ground the first 50 ATAKS that were made and made the movie Knife called the PUNISHER for Cathy Long for her Movie KNIGHTS . I left for that reason and wrote a letter to his firm MAD DOG KNIVES requesting the $10,000.00 i was owed for my work there for 5 months and never did receive a thing ! ! well except Kevins snotty reply which is his usual fashion stating he owed me nothing and i was making it up and never worked for him,,,, MUUAHAHHAHHA, funny that GREG WALKER and articles in FIghting Knives Magazine Prove different.

Again i never said i didnt owe anyone a thing But ROB you really need to watch what is said and get documented PROOF of what these people have told you i owe them or anyone else before posting ,, i know i have the proof of what i said, either in emails , Magazine articles or provanance dated pictures prior to the abouve people comming out with whatever.

And as far as GEOFF MASSAK and his knife,,,,he got the damn knife, post office messed up the delivery not I, and he refused to return it for me to take the top guard off, thats his problem now as i offered to fix it. ANd as far as the GUy in CANADA goes, i have the recipts for the Insurance and customs forms and the bill from the post office when i shipped it, I expect an apology from him for being snotty in his post when he gets the damn thing. FUnny i sell him a hand rubbed two tone satin finished neck knife with linen micarta scales on it for 50.00 and he doesnt trust me for shipping it,, guess i should have charged the 120.00 that its actually worth.

Please Prove in writting and recipts what these people say i owe them or keep quiet about what you have been told but not proven.

Hell i can say anyone owes me anything but unless i can prove it with hard written and recipt proof i am out of luck ,,,right?

well where is the proof?

Funny the people you mention abouve other than yourself , and joe chen have been trying behind the scenes to get me out of the knife buisness for years,,,,,why? because for one most of them i made there companys for them and second they cant compete with my quality or my prices.

Again show me proof. ANd remember all this i am printing out if an attorney needs to be consulted.

Regards,,, Allen
You say you have more to add then add it dont say you have it , just say it and get it out in the open,,,,just remember you said you had more proof and more names so spill it, like they say put up or shut up, oh and remember i expect PROOF, not just talk, i want to see documented proof from these People you have talked about so far, give them my address, have them send me the proof and you a copy also so it cant be said i tried to pull a fast one on anyone. THen lets compare whats proof and what isnt. Oh and remember if my name isnt signed on it as agreeing to it ,it never happened, thats what we call doing buisness the right way. Proof is one thing B.S and no proof is another.

This is Cori Blade, I have asked Allen to let me write a reply to the crap I read which was posted in the good the bad and the ugly forum as we were married on July 3, 2001 so this also affects me and our family....First of all to this Mr. Rob Simonich, I do not appreciate you posting our address in a public forum as you did and you fail to realize in your infinate wisdom this is not just about Allen as he does have a family and posting our address was uncalled for... you seem to have so much time to do all this so called investigation and no time for your life and for that I am sorry but you have made alot of allegations and that is all they are as far as you and a few others are concerned.... I want to know who died and made you forum monitor because you have proven to be in everyone's business except your own, and you have alot of nerve to pass judgement on anyone after publically posting an address and making the slanderous statements you have made.... you said the key word in your letter, all these STORIES, the more you look the more you find, I am so sorry you have such a sorry life you have nothing better to do than slander other people knowing there are people who do have Allen's designs and you say nothing about that because you call them friends, kinda biased isn't it?? There is Tops Knives, Tactical Tools, Skunkworks & Becks who have Allens designs and it can be proven but you have said in your letter they are the victims which is funny, you defend them knowing they have someone else's designs in the name of friendship.... as for Joe Chen, Allen just emailed him not long ago and we have a copy of the email so say what you want to about that since you think you know so much.... I'd like to know how the amount keeps growing and changing as it's convenient?? Allen told everyone he had personal problems and then moved here to Maryland and was behind but I see you are too busy in everyone else's business to acknowledge that other people have a life and hard times and yea Allen got way behind but he is making up for it as fast as he can but if it was you who went through what he did, you would be demanding understanding and time to catch up.... what did me and my family ever do to you to deserve you posting our address in a public forum, I notice you didn't post your address, why is that?? you said you were very hesitant to get into this but it seems you have been consumed by slandering Allen since you began all this and you are even continuing to " investigate " as you said.... seems to me you are a busybody with nothing better to do who sounds jealous that you can't match Allen's quality or prices, which is a sad thing because you make yourself look so bad and your business and I hope you never fall behind for any reason or need understanding for personal reasons because you get what you give.... they say you put someone else down to make yourself look good and I see from this that is so true, you act like you are forum monitor and in charge of all of this when you are sad and disrespectful for saying what you did and publically posting a personal address.... you have shown a lack of professionalism in your own words and actions and it's funny, until now nothing has been said to Allen, YOU have done all this and the checking and whatever else you claim to have done with your friends....Allen has not heard a word from these people until YOU started all this and I find it pitiful that a so called man acts like this, so immaturely and Allen said yea he does owe you for talonite which he never disputed publically or otherwise yet you have to again run your mouth and say nothing but negative things... I notice you never once criticized his work or talent which is a good thing and proof of what I have said you know Allens skill and prices are above reproach.... as for anyone waiting for a knife, they are being caught up as fast as possible and I believe you will want to wait on them for the same and continued quality you know comes with an Allen Blade knife as opposed to a knife of lesser quality but it's your choice.... Allen's name has always stood on it's own as it always will so you can wait on your knife or email for a refund and as for you Mr. Simonich, be very careful what you say especially in print as I have taken a paralegal course and I do know slander and libel when I see it and remember, you get what you give so I hope you are never in a position of needing understanding and I hope you find a hobby soon to fill your so obviously empty life and leave our lives alone and let people deal directly with Allen as should have been the case from the beginning.... if anybody wishes to contact me with comments or questions regarding this posting, you can email me at Cori Blade@aol.com... this whole subject disgusts me and I hope Mr. Simonich get a hobby soon other than Allen-Bashing
Cori Blade
Cori said "and as for you Mr. Simonich, be very careful what you say especially in print as I have taken a paralegal course and I do know slander and libel when I see it"

Threats are not the way to handle a situation like this, it only drives the wedge deeper. Rob is an excellent individual and I'm sure he thought long and hard before posting this information.
Allen, you are a fine knifemaker and can work thru all this controversy and stay in the knifemaking business if you want to. I sure hope you do!
Most definitely have some praying to do on this one!
I do not make threats I advise that slander and libel are offenses which can be brought to court as are defamation of character which can be proven without proof in writing of any charges and it is not my desire to make anyone feel bad or any other way but I also will not sit back and allow anyone to slander someone when they should have better things to do, be it my Husband or anyone else it is wrong whether the person doing it is a friend of yours or mine... all Mr Simonich should comment on is what he has dealt with regarding Allen, not anyone else
First, I agree Mr.Blade makes very good knife at very good price,
that's why I put my order to him.

I write this post without angry and really calm down and peaceful. I'm a foreigner and English is not my language. I don't want to make any trouble because I can't "fight" in English well.

My name is on the list, the amount of money is correct.
I think Mr.Blade missed something. Except the 20 Talonite Chipmunks,
I had paid another order for myself on last June (June 2000).

That includes
One Talonite clip point MEUK, Brown Micarta
One 1095 Chipmunk, Brown Micarta
One 1095 Tadpole, Tan Micarta
One 1095 Cricket
Two 440C PC-1
Shipping $30

Also have $70 for one knife named ALPINE and Mr.Blade told me
the knife was ready before last Oct. and I never seen it.

(If the list is wrong please let me know Mr.Blade)

Until now I received 8 Talonite Chipmunks. Not the half of my 20 order.

I told Mr.Blade I want the knives not the money. That's true.
And I still want my knives not the money.

Because Mr.Blade told me he has to finish and sell the knives (those are suppose belonging to me) then he can pay me back.
Here have few points I'm really worry so I prefer to take the knives,
  1. When those knives will be finished?
  2. He can't finish those knives in one batch, that means I will have my money back for a such long time separetely.
  3. If I take the money then the waiting is waste.
  4. If knives can be finished, I would like to have those knives because they are definitely well made.

I have to wait no matter I want the refund or knives. So I want the knives I ordered and the maker had promised I'll have all of the Talonite Chipmunks on last Sep.

Yes I double checked for the delivery time with maker before I ordered them.
Those 20 knives are my annual forum knife for 2000. The maker knew it.

8 of 20 in a year seems very good for normal order but my case is some kind of special. You guys please tell me if you receive a 2000 annual knife after the middle of 2001? I know there has a case that CRK delivered their 2000 wood inlay in the first of 2001. But in my case my friends may have their 2000 annual knife in 2002! And my 2001 annual knives are almost ready right now.

I want to say:
Waiting is no problem if the maker told me before I put my order to him.
Waiting is no problem if the maker let me know he had trouble not just let me hanging here.
Waiting is no problem if the maker told me the truth not another few weeks or will have your knife very soon.

Yes I know maker has his problems but how about my problems?
I trusted the maker and he told me the delivery time was last Sep.
I told my friends here they will have their knives on last Sep.
Then last Oct., last Nov., lastDec. Jan of this year, Feb. of this year, etc.

Who can trust me anymore when I let him down for so many times?

I have emailed the maker about my problems and my situation many times. But maker has many orders he took before my.

Maybe some guys will think I'm just too rush and should have more patience. Maybe I do but please read these two threads and pay your attention for PhilL and chad234's posts. You will know the same feel in my side.
PhilL's post
Chad234's post

We are just human and all make mistakes, so am I.
I saw Mr.Blade posted his problems and his unperfect business skill frankly few days ago.
I really don't think Mr.Blade is a bad guy. But he did make me under some terrible situation. It's ok I'm still alive anyway.

I'll wait for all of my orders finished, and I hope other customers can have your knives very soon too.

That's all I want to say, thanks for your reading and again I'm sorry for my English.

Mr. Chen, this is Cori and I am now the business manager for the company and I will handle all of the business dealings to free up Allen's time so he can make knives and get them caught up and he is more than aware of what he owes you and Allen told you if you didn't want to wait he could make the knives and sell them to repay you but you said you want the knives instead so now he has the time to devote to the knives and their making and getting caught up so from now on, please direct any and all inquiries and dealings to Cori at AnCCreations@aol.com as Allen will no longer answer any business questions at his personal email address... thank you and have a nice day:)

I regret getting into this, but, I don't think it's right to handle this business on a public forum. It looks like all parties are in communications with each other, and I am glad to see what looks like a possible solution in the near future.

I, and many others here, have a great deal of respect for Rob and Allen, and we hope you both reach a mutually satisfactory solution. There is nothing we can do to help you at this time, and further discussions of this type can only lead to hard feelings.

My best to all concerned.


You know why I chose not to return the knife you sent--I got tired of your broken promises. It's not the U.S. mail, it's your business practices.

Geoff Massa
(1) libel/slander requires that the person making the incriminating statement knew that statement to be false. Why would Rob S. know that all these people were lying about Allen, if he himself had money problems with Allen? Sure it's unpleasant to be "outed" this way, but threatening litigation is pointless in this instance.

(2) I remember a year or so ago when there was drama about banning Allen from the forums for then-unspecified nefarious acts. He was cut slack, remained, and made many god posts. Not to mention great knives! But there seems to be a pattern here. A large number of people have issues that can't all be excused as poor management or evil conspiracies against Allen's character or business. To rephrase Lifter's comment, what we have here is a duck-walking, duck-quacking . . . duck. People aren't being treated right.

(3) Which sucks. Because everyone seems to agree that Allen makes great knives, at a great price, and seems to be a really nice guy. How to reconcile this with the fact that he also seems to treat people like crap? Reminds me of my alcoholic friends (I'm !!!!NOT!!!! accusing anyone of being an alcoholic, just making a point - it's why I'm sensitive to this current drama) who crap on all their friends and relatives until every back is, reluctantly and sadly, turned to them. It sucks to have someone force you to dislike them, against your will and desire. I mean, all it would take to make things at least closer to right (apparently) is a little more communication and respect for the customer!!!!
I am sorry that I didn't state this earlier...
Congratulations on yours and Allen's wedding and welcome to BFC.
Take care,
This is to let you know that your knife was shipped to you on July 6, 2001 by registered mail and I have the registered number if you want to email me and get it at AnCCreations@aol.com attn: Cori Blade I will be happy to give you the number so you can track it yourself and verify that it was sent... thanx and have a great day :)
Before you jump in here and threaten to sue someone like Rob Simonich, maybe you should get to know him a little better. He is a fine man, a great knife maker and tells potential customers that he has a very LONG wait!!

Emotions are better shared in private email...

Ok, I've had about enough of this.

Allen, I warned you point blank that if you came on these forums and didn't honor your business obligations, you would be removed quickly, and without prejudice. I was more than specific about this. I've been more than lenient.

That's over. No more slack will be cut. Joe's order alone is more than enough for this.

Allen Blade, Scott Allen Fowler, or any individuals in current business association with him are now persona non grata on this website. Your posting priviledges have been removed.

If, and only if, you make good on your business obligations, will you be allowed back here. In the meantime, I'd suggest you get yourself together and get grinding.

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