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Jul 23, 2015
Greetings friends. I am officially opening the books on my regrind service.

Feel free to reach out via PM, or the email address in my sig for a quote. Prices vary depending on the items to be reground, and will include the cost of expedited shipping back from my location in Canada. It is not scary to ship to Canada, it only costs a couple bucks more, and you'll be asked to fill out a declaration form. I recommend declaring the items as simply "cutlery" and the purpose of shipping as "repair", and sending the blade only, with thumb studs detached, as this way customs will have no choice but to let the package through.

I grind freehand, to a flat-vex geometry, and am willing to go quite thin. By flat vex, I mean that by microscopic measurement it will be convex, but most people at a glance will think flat.

If a knife is already hollow ground, it can be converted to flat-vex. This process may reduce or completely eliminate the existing flats on the blade, depending on the existing hollow grind's thinness behind the edge and height of the bevel.

I progress through 36, 120, and 220 grit on ceramic belts, and then bring the blade to a fine scotchbrite satin finish. In all the knives I have done for myself, and also for customers, cutting performance is always dramatically boosted.

I also do rehandling, or stock removal mods to existing handles, do locking mechanism tweaks on certain types of locks, and I make Kydex and Boltaron sheaths.

Here are some examples of my work, some of which were done before I had a regrind maker's mark.

An Outbound fixed blade knife from Canadian Tire, which I bought just to practice on and demonstrate my work:


A Spyderco Pacific Salt in LC200N I ground to zero (my zero grinds include a very small 20° microbevel to boost edge stability)


A Spyderco Waterway I reground, the ricasso was converted to cutting edge, and the blade length was reduced slightly for a more suitable EDC size, and converted to a spear point. The handle was replaced with black canvas micarta (and yellow G10 liners in tribute to the Salt knives) with internal brass pins and waterproof adhesive.



A Cold Steel Broken Skull in XHP and a BM 555 I did for a gentleman.


A Cold Steel Recon 1 in S35VN I did

Another Cold Steel Recon 1 I did, this one in XHP. This knife was originally hollow ground, and it was impossible to keep the flats, due the the thinness of the hollow ground bevels, and their height.

IMG_0201 mark.jpg

Thanks for looking.