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*RESOLVED* Read this before dealing with Tmack

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by Ludwig, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Ludwig


    Feb 25, 2007

    After calling him out on several forums, Tmack has cleared most of his outstanding debts based on my conversations with buyers, myself included (with the last one in progress). I find it amusing that he responded to this thread within 90 minutes, while buyers experienced months of unanswered emails and texts, but I am just glad to see a positive resolution to this whole situation.

    Most sellers and makers have never been the subject of this kind of thread - pat yourself on the back. But as you can see, the community can be forgiving if you do the right thing. Big thanks to BF for your support!

    Original Post

    BladeForums: Tmack (http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/member.php/379717-Tmack)

    Jerzee Devil: Tmack (http://www.jerzeedevil.com/forums/member.php/22882-Tmack)

    Candlepowerforums: Tmack (http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/member.php?328861-Tmack)

    Instagram: tmackbb4 (https://instagram.com/tmackbb4/)

    This might not tie directly to a deal that was completed here on BF, but I know it involves other members who are active here and over on CPF who have been stiffed by this guy. He has done some buying and selling in the Exchange, so I hope the admins can understand why I am trying to get the word out to as many people as possible.

    Anthony McIntee is his real name as you can see on both his Instagram page and the emails I have between the two of us (which I would be happy to provide). He had a great rep building custom lasers and lights over on CPF until he disappeared off the face of the earth in April.

    There have been guys over on CPF waiting months to hear back from him on orders that he owes them and genuinely hoping the guy is doing okay (last few pages of this thread: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?384143-Tmack-customs) I don't know if he fed people the BS that he was sick, but it really pisses me off that all the while, he is incredibly active and looks perfectly fine on JD and Instagram with his bali obsession.

    Apparently, he is not doing well enough to send people what he owes them but can build up a top tier collection of balis and start offering "balisong repair services" in the meantime.

    Dude, we just want what you owe us. Do the right thing, apologize to your customers, and take care of these folks. We are just knife, light, and gun enthusiasts like everyone else here.

    If this is how he treated his old customers, what stops him from doing the exact same thing and dicking over his new ones or other people who might cross paths with him? Liars have no place in this or any other community.

    If you know anyone who has been in touch with him or has given him money recently, I recommend passing this info along.
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  2. RevDevil


    Nov 9, 2009
    I've alerted him to this matter. He cannot sell or trade on here. We will have a small banner made for him shortly.
  3. browntown818


    May 3, 2011
    Whoa, really? Sold him a knife maybe 6 months ago, super nice guy
    That's a real bummer to hear.
  4. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    I just posted on cpf and will do so here as well. This community had been nothing but good to me, and rather t han offer excuses, I am contacting all that I have outstanding debts with to get them full refunds. I do truly apologize, and I should have never let anything get to this point. My email is [email protected] and if by chance anyone I owe sees this here first, please contact me so I can get you your money back. Im very very sorry to all those who showed trust in me and were let down. I will have my debts to you paid as soon as humanly possible no matter what it takes.
  5. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    I have addressed each of the customers and am awaiting response. I have a few options of solutions to each matter and I hope I can have this squared up immediately.
    I will not leave one person with an outstanding debt. Like I said this community is full of wonderful people, and I dint want anyone losing anything because of me. You have my most sincere apologies.
  6. HappilyGrim


    Mar 16, 2013
    An apology is nice but I'm sure the prevailing question that everyone has is why did it happen to begin with? If this post wasn't made you would not have offered up anything much less an apology.

    So in my opinion the least you can do is publicly state your circumstances and motivations for doing what you've done. Your credibility just took a huge hit and having anyone trust you in any deal henceforth here will present a challenge. This is an opportunity to not only offer the apology which you have, but to explain all the details related to what's happened. Then, hopefully, some people will get closure and the community as a whole can move forward knowing you at the very least have integrity and assume accountability for your previous actions.
  7. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014

    Well it began with what Teej mebtioned. My roof was leaking horribly which left me with water damaged house, as well as a fair amount of my tools, power supply.
    Then I started getting sick and took off work. I was in contact with my job the entire time, while I was back and forth with my doctor, but about a week and a half later, I receive a letter saying I've been terminated.
    During all this my machinist tells me he's going through some mentalhealth problems, and is no longer going to make my hosts for Lasers or flashlights.
    Seemed like everything was falling apart and my stomach was not getting any better. (Doc told me was something easily treatable even after I took all kinds of meds for it but was still expelling blood and having intense abdominal pain and respiratory infections. Im no doctor but...... )
    Im feeling better nowadays, but from no help from a doctor. Still have some "episods" but don't have any insurance to speak of.

    Throughout all this, I only continued to hear from my titanium light repair customer, because the other I assume had given up hope. Which I understand, and I.should have taken it upon myself to reach out, because my other debts were certainly not forgotten.

    I found balisongs and found the first bit of happyness I have had in too long , and just tried to dive into something that made me happy..since I only just started working, the money came from selling off other stuff, and it should have went to righting my reputation here. I always felt like "ill get back on my feet, and make it up"
    Since that's not possible now, I didn't even want to type a post like this, because it means nothing. Making it right does.
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  8. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    I will be keeping both communities (cpf & bf) updated on each individual case as they are resolved.
  9. HappilyGrim


    Mar 16, 2013
    It (the post) does mean something. More than I think you realize; however, hopefully one day soon you will.

    You were wrong and made mistakes. That takes courage to admit and speak about. It's also a big step for you so you can learn and begin to earn respect you feel you loss and indeed did. However, your actions along with the words you've spoken have shown that you're a man with integrity. The actions you take from here will further prove it.

    I for one have much more respect for you now than I did before. It may seem silly since we don't know each other. Yes, actions speak louder than words. But for us as men, our word is what makes us who we are. That's why I felt it was important. I hope your words can find those who you've wronged and as you make the situation right through your actions they can see that you're a good man who ran into some hard times and even after doing them wrong are trying to get through it all a better and more mature person. Admitting what you did clearly takes a lot of humility and will make you stronger for it.

    I hope this situation works out for everyone. Yourself included. I want to one day buy something or trade something with you and be able to think "Yeah, he's actually a decent dude.".
  10. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    I just received a message from one of my past customers, and we are working out the details to make this right.
    Tomorrow I am also sending out a light , and some optical parts tip take care of two other gentlemen which only leaves me with 1 more extremely understanding customer, that will receive his build and then some.

    Thank all of you for being so understanding. Of course I will be closing up my balisong repair services, and will not show my face on the secondary market.

    So sorry it came to this gentlemen.
  11. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    Just talked to one more of my old customers with the optical parts, who has sold the original product, so he will be receiving his refund when my check clears at midnight.
  12. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    Also talked to the last customer and he will be receiving his owed lasers shortly. His time frame on PayPal had expired to dispute me and he's still being cool about it. Im so grateful and ashamed at the same time. But he is willing to receive the original product.

    So as of now, every single person has been contacted, and been informed of the current situation and has been given options to settle this mess.
  13. Ludwig


    Feb 25, 2007
    I can confirm that Tmack has reached out to me. I will update this thread with the status of my items and some of the other buyers who I have been in touch with, as he makes things right over the coming days.

    Thanks for everyone's support.
  14. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    $60 is being refunded to one customer
    I am settling up for a custom light
    Two lasers are being built for another guy
    And a titanium light is being sent in the morning along with money.

    That's every person I owe, and they have been spoken to individually (all have responded arty least once) .
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2015
  15. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    just closed out my repair services, so I will not be responsible with anyone else's possessions. I willl be competing the knives I have and stopping the service indefinitely, or if the customers want, I can return their knives immediately if they are no longer comfortable with me repairing or customizing them.
  16. Razzle


    Dec 28, 2014
    I've dealt with this Tmack fella on Candle power forums, nothing but good.

    I would not hesitate for a moment dealing with him, he's in the same good guy boat as Vinh......we all go through hard times. Kudos to Tmack for making things right.
  17. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    Just settled up with the two mentioned customers with lights I already have. plus that will allow me to purchase parts for the lasers im building. By tomorrow afternoon, only 1 person will be owed anything, and that is the last job that im finishing.
  18. RevDevil


    Nov 9, 2009
    Thanks for your swift response to this, it's appreciated.
  19. KELAMA

    KELAMA Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 28, 2013

    I've dealt with both, Ludwig, & Tmack, & they were both extremely professional guys to work with.

    I actually got to know, Tony, through 2 or 3 transactions we did. I sold him a BRS Alpha Beast & Benchmade 42. Great transactions! We spoke on the phone several times, & he was such a cool guy, & also appeared to be a devoted, loving father, to his very young son.

    Best wishes, working through this period of adversity in your life, & hopefully getting your situation back on track, Tony.
  20. Tmack


    Apr 29, 2014
    Just sent two packages to past customers that completely take care of their individual situations.
    A tk75vnkt as a trade , and the titanium 18650 light that was in for repair.

    Both recipients have been given tracking numbers, and should receive their parcel on Monday.

    I have taken pictures of the package contents, and receipt And also sent them to each person.

    Thank you all.

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