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Retry benchmade spyderco hk cold steel users

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Nov 20, 2013
sorry made a mistake in first post,

Early spring cleaning for me, letting go of a few users I don't carry anymore, hope someone else can use them.

Prices are as noted Paypal net to me which includes shipping in the USA only please. I hope the pictures show the condition of the knives, all have been carried and sharpened. pls forgive any mistakes I'm new to selling knives.

Here we go...

Spyderco Walker Blue Almite made in japan $sold

Benchmade Mini Grip tanto $60

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto aux 8a taiwan (1st Gen I think) $sold

HK tango with serrations x-15-TN Solingen Germany $sold


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@ charlie2times omg!! I knew I should of worn my glasses!! Thanks for looking out!!