Reviving Tuf-Cloth

May 5, 2000
I've been so obsessive about keeping my Tuf-Cloth airtight that I've been using the same one for a year. But now it's finally drying out.

I know you can re-wet it with mineral spirits, but I have *no* reason to own a quart of that, so I'm not about to keep it in my house for Tuf-Cloth purposes. My question: some people revive their Tuf-Cloths by wetting them with Tuf-Glide, but is this really the same thing? Is Tuf-Glide just the liquid that starts out on a Tuf-Cloth? Or is this kind of a makeshift solution?
Shmackey-- my understanding (meager as it is) is that tuf cloth is moistened with tuf glide. Mineral spirits is used as the carrier for the lubricant in tuf-glide. When you apply it, the mineral spirits evaporates rapidly, leaving behind a film of protectant/lubricant. The directions for tuf cloth say you can use mineral spirits to re-dampen a dry cloth, but it seems like over time it would dilute the protectant. when mine dries out, I am going to get a bottle of tuf glide to moisten it.
Your Tuff Cloth is just a piece of nylon cloth wetted with Tuff Glide. What I have found is that it takes about a half a bottle of Tuff Glide to fully rewet a dry Tuff Cloth.

Now, truth be know, Tuff Glide is primarily made of mineral spirits. It's kind of like how Coke A Cola is mostly water. The mineral spirits are what primarily evaporates off of your Tuff Cloth. So, rewetting the Tuff Cloth with mineral spirits works. It works especially well if you've previously rewetted the cloth with Tuff Glide a couple of times and thus have quite a buildup of the active ingredients on the cloth.

Mineral Spirits are considerably cheaper than Tuff Glide.
Oh, and Mr. Razoredj, is, as always, absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing that out. You should store your Tuff Cloth in a pyramid. It will last longer and work better that way, everything does.

The only question I have is should I store my pyramids inside of pyramids?
Thanks for the answers. I know that mineral spirits are considerably cheaper than Tuff-Glide; I just foresee bad things happening when I leave a quart of the (very flammable) stuff laying around my basement-less one-bedroom apartment.

The pyramids make sense to me. It's all taken care of, though, because I've encased my entire apartment in a giant pyramid. I've been using the same razor for two years now, I've never been sick, and I got a starring role in Cleopatra, The Musical.

Razoredj, you should definitely check out a book called "Why People Believe Weird Things." If your mindset is at all like mine, and I think it is, you'll enjoy it as much as I did. Please be sure to read it with a tin foil hat on your head...
Please be sure to read it with a tin foil hat on your head...

I've been molding some nice new ones lately, as the trasmissions from Beta Centauri have been particularly bothersome of late. I swear, if the voice of Elvis tells me one more time, "Kill them, they're laughing at you, they deserve the cleansing fires," I'll just have to file a complaint with the FCC.
I've used both Tuf-Glide as well as Mineral Spirits on my Marine and standard Tuf-Cloths, I think the Tuf-Glide works better. You can buy the refill bottle which will last nigh on forever.

Oh, and don't knock the tin foil hats. Many years ago I had occasion to convince a guy who was assaulting some gov't employees that if he wore one the radio waves from the CIA controlling his thought processes would be interrupted. He was convinced that IRS agents were breaking into his home, drilling holes into pots and pans, and beating him to the supermarket and relabeling all the products with higher prices.

Come to think of it, he may have been right! :D

I must disagree with Gollnick somewhat:eek: , standard Tuf cloth contains 'more' of the protection 'substance' than Tuf Glide. Marine Tuf Cloth even more so as well as 'other' stuff not in either. Now I use Tuf Glide (its always Tuf with one 'f'), to bring back my two MSTCloth products. I have this from an e-mail from Sentry a long time ago.

Here is a simple test, wipe a new Tuf cloth or one that has been soaked with a little Mineral spirits or Tuf Glide over a knife. After 5-10 mins it dries to a slightly cloudy film right? Thats the good stuff. Put neat Tuf Glide on same blade and watch as days later it still has not dried on blade. This tells me that Tuf Glide is different to the stuff in the Cloths. Now it is probably the ammount of stuff rather than contents, but I know MSTC has 'other' stuff in it.:confused:
Would you use Tuf-Glide on its own, without a Tuf-Cloth, and apply it with a towel or J-cloth?

Btw, I'm glad I found you guys. People around here make fun of me for wearing my tin foil hat. :D
Can I revive my dried out pyramid with Tuff Glide??

one more thing...Razoredj, Shmackey, you guys should have your own show! LMAO
General; I think that Tuf Glide only stays wet in Wales due to your overwhelming humidity. I have applied it directly to a blade and had it dry in a few minutes.

You can take the Tuf-Cloth and wash it. I do this with the ones that I use on my firearms, as they get dirty with powder residue. I then just let the cloth dry, put it back in the envelope, and spray Tuf-Glide on it. Works fine for me.

Has anyone figured out what to do about the mylar envelopes in which Tuf-Cloth comes? It seems that after six or so months, the damn things always rip. Has anyone tried just keeping a Tuf Cloth in a regular plastic bag??

I mentioned before that I'm obsessive about keeping mine airtight. I keep it in the silver bag, sealed and then folded over, and then that goes inside a ziploc bag. It's still going after a year--just showing signs of slowing down.

When I'm lazy I'll just put Tuf-Glide on my blade, spreading the coverage with a finger. I've talked to Mark Mrozek of Sentry Solutions about using Tuf-Glide this way as a blade protectant and he assured me that it is effective.

Shmackey, we must be kin, I keep mine the same way.


Walt, I have been storing my three Tuf Cloth's in a ziploc bag for the last five years with no problems.

Edited for stupidity :) .
CH; thanks for the info on zip lock bags. I feel reassured.

Re the presence of MoS2 in Tuf-Glide, could you possibly be thinking of Smooth-Kote, or Hi-Slip grease, both also by Sentry? These have MoS2 in them and have the characteristic black as charcoal color. Tuf-Glide, on the other hand, is a pale brown liquid. Further, MoS2 is not a Thin Film Corrosion Inhibitor, but is a great lubricant. This would suggest to me that if there were MoS2 in Tuf-Glide, people wouldn't have problems with lubing their pivot pins with Tuf-Glide, which has been fairly frequently reported.

Thanks again, Walt
In previous threads, including the one in which I suggested using a Tuff Cloth as a pocket square when wearing a suit jacket, our good friends from Sentry Solutions have confirmed that Tuff Cloth is just a cloth soaked in Tuff Glide and that the volatile component in Tuff Glide is mineral spirits. Of course, the trade secret that they left out is that it's mineral spirits that have been stored in a pyramid.