Reviving Tuf-Cloth

Walt, you are very correct. Smooth Kote has a base of "rubbing" alcohol, and is a moly lubricant. Tuf Cloth and Tuf Glide use odorless mineral spirits, and contain no moly. My sincere apologies for any confusion I may have caused. Tuf Cloth can be restored by using Tuf Glide, but odorless 100% mineral spirits works well and is much less expensive.
Also, mineral spirits makes an excellent all-purpose cleaner that is cheaper than the fancy name-brand stuff, that probably uses a base of mineral spirits anyway.
As an aside, I have been using the same three Tuf Cloth's for the last five years, and all three have been accidentally dried out, and restored with no problems when using odorless mineral spirits. A very cost effective product overall.
CH; I have gone through a few dozen Tuf-Cloths in the past three years or so. Admittedly, I have given many away (teaching children rust prevention is good parenting), but I still have several Tuf-Cloth bags which have ripped at the zip lock, and have to be folded over several times and secured with a rubber band!

I use Tuf-Glide to wet my Tuf-Cloths, as an 8 oz. bottle of the stuff from Discount Knives was only about $15 or so; a lifetime supply, and cheap insurance for my expensive knives and guns.

Of course, I don't keep my Tuf-Cloths under a pyramid. ;) Perhaps people who do can use plain odorless mineral spirits with impunity. :rolleyes:

While we're on topic, does anyone know exactly what the difference is between Tuff Cloth and Marine Tuff Cloth? Is it just the amount of Tuff Glide they're soaked in, or is there something more?
Doesn't Breakfree CLP or Breakfree Collector work better than Marine Tuf Cloth? I've been using Marine Tuf Cloth but I am thinking of switching to Breakfree CLP or Breakfree Collector.
does anyone know exactly what the difference is between Tuff Cloth and Marine Tuff Cloth?

Marine Tuff Cloth is stored in the pyramid longer so it absorbs more cosmic energy.
I use BreakFree CLP, but I don't know as it works "better" than Tuff Cloth or Tuff Glide. It probably isn't quite as good, though it's almost as good -- but BreakFree is cheaper and less volatile.