Rinaldi TKK...Stunning!


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Nov 2, 1998
Just received the new TH Rinaldi Tactical Kitchen Knife...I'm truly impressed!

5.5" ATS-34 full-tang blade (*very* sharp) with burgundy micarta scales and mosaic pins. There is both a first finger groove and a pinky groove to the handle, giving the knife a very positive feel. The finish on the knife is *perfect*, as is the blade shape for general kitchen work. Along with the kydex pocket sheath, the knife is the ideal roaming kitchen companion.

For under $200.00 this knife is a must have. My thanks to all the forum members who helped convince Trace to produce this knife.
And thanks Trace, it was way worth the wait!

I agree. My 4" TKK arrived a few days ago. Craftmanship and detail was incredible, ergonomics and balance excellent, and the flat ground blade cuts oh so nice.

The burgundy micarta and mosaic pins make this knife look not a bit tactical. My wife, who is used to the black and mean looking blades I tend to acquire, even approved (especially after she used it in the kitchen).

Kudos to Trace, Joe, and all the Netizens who provided feedback for coming up with this wonderful design.

I received my 4.5" BG-42 TKK late last week and have given it a decent workout. A beautiful, well made piece. I wrote up a review and took a couple pictures which I sent to Spark. Spark mentioned he might have a chance to clean them up for posting, so stay tuned for more info. I love this knife.
So all the birds have come home to roost

My 5.5" BG42 TKK showed up on time too. Black Micarta, not red, mosaic pins, really nice and well balanced a very comfortable knife, Although in this size it's more of a medium duty as opposed to a light duty (paring) knife. A friend of mine saw it the day it came in and his first comments were how great it would be in the kitchen (he owns a couple of restaurants) and he knew by sight that it was a good blade. T.H. keep up the good work!


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Trace has just shipped my Talonite Chimera which included some design features of the TKK. It sports burgundy G-10 handle scales. Looking forward to having it in hand in a few days.


You may have forgotten some of the details when Walt and I embraced Talonite and charged off to line up some makers for a "proof of concept." I managed to get both Rob Simonich and Trace Rinaldi to buy into the "Talonite Project." Most folks set aside time for personal pursuits. Makers are no different. Rob happened to decide that working up the Talonite Wambli fit as a good use of his budgeted personal time, so it was created much quicker than anticipated. That's why I've had it as long as I have. Trace had me in the regular queue (absolutely no problem with that at all) and has just wrapped up the Talonite Chimera.

The Wambli is essentially a "stretched" Cetan with more handle and blade. The Chimera combines attributes of several of Trace's established designs... hence the name. The Wambli is from 3/16" stock, the Chimera from 1/8". The Chimera also is longer. Both with a flat ground drop point blade, but the Chimera having well over an inch more edge than the Wambli. As a pair I believe their designs will compliment each other. For example the Wambli to field dress, the Chimera for camp meal preparations. Rob already has pictures of the Wambli on his web page and Trace was talking about updating his with pictures of the TKK and Chimera.

As you know from my earlier reports, Talonite has far exceeded my expectations. The stuff is absolutely uncanny. Rob liked it so much that in addition to making it a regular blade material option, he has now become the manufacturers distributor to the cutlery industry. From the reports Trace has given me, he too has been mightily impressed!

As I already use my Wambli around the kitchen (and everwhere else for that matter), I think it is unquestioned that a Talonite TKK must be made and will become "THE" TKK flavor of choice! The stuff cuts like crazy longer than even the CPM stuff by a mile, can't rust, easily resharpened, is plenty tough (Rob jumped up and down on a piece clamped to his work bench), and cleans up easily with hot tap water! What more can one want?


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Hi Guys!
I am very pleased you all liked your TKK's, you are all class acts in my book. Not one complaint from any of you about how LOOOOONG I took:) It's a pleasure doing business with people who understand the problems and delays that are a part of every knifemakers work.

It really makes it all worth it when you hear your customers appreciate something you made, especially knowledgeable people that know knives, and use them daily.

If Joe ever gets around to picking a material to make one out of, he will be able to see one himself:) I actually thought I would have an extra TKK for him to evaluate in 1/8" ATS but the Lurkers sucked them up and I didnt have one for him. After he checks it out I will add a T to the TKK making it the Talmadge Tactical Kitchen Knife if thats ok with You Joe?

Bob you should get your Chimera tomorrow, I was very pleased with the Talonite although I was afraid the whole time grinding it I was going to screw up $50 worth of material..But I think it turned out pretty nice.
Actually the Chimera wasnt in my regular queue, it just worked out that I finished them all at once. You said "Take My Time" something you should NEVER tell a knife maker:) No seriously I had a hard time finding the correct drill bits, and the various other problems that arose, but the end result I think was worth it.

Again thanks guys I really appreciate the kind words. You all keep in touch and let me know how they work over the long haul too.

Trace --

Immortalized in steel and micarta, I love it! I'm honored you'd slap my name on your work. You gonna have pics of these things soon?

I had totally forgotten about Bob's talonite knives. I thought I was gonna have to choose between 1/8" ATS-34 and 3/16" BG-42, but now I'm thinking 1/8" talonite might be just the ticket for the 5.5" version. In fact, I can't imagine a better fit considering what the (T)TKK was designed for! Will email you soon.

Joe and others. I will have some pictures up soon, I have 2 rolls of film to get developed and scanned and then I will update my site with them. I will have pics of the Jerry's Black handled TKK along with a Burgandy one, I also have pics of the Chimera that will go up. If Don gets a pic of his knife up you will get to see the smaller version with a black and burgandy micarta as well. Also anyone heard from Sid Post? I have his TKK waiting for him and have not gotten an E-mail response. Last I heard he was trying to get in one place where I could ship it to him. I hope everything is Okay.


If you don't have Trace make you a "TTKK" in Talonite, I guarantee you'll kick yourself in the butt eventually! Ask Trace about his impressions of the stuff.


Yup! Told ya'll to take your time and it hasn't been a problem for me. I hope it is delivered this afternoon...if not saturday. Really looking forward to seeing that design as a reality!



I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

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It's here!!!! See initial impressions and comparison with Rob's Wambli in separate post. Anyone want jpegs of both side by side, e-mail me!


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Oooooh, this sounds like a blade I could fall in love with! Is there a web site address that I could gather further info on these pieces? I would love to have a BG42 or even an ATS-34 chef's knife...Any info would be much appreciated.
Nick B.
Keep in mind the pics on Trace's page are not up to date yet, the knives we've been discussing aren't on it yet. The TKK is based on the LUK (which you'll see on the page), but the TKK has some changes. The Chimera is based partially off the TKK but has some other changes, most noteably on the handle.

If you want to know the philosophy behind the TKK design, head to Knifeforums, go to the Knife Review Forum, and look at my post of 10/03/98 entitled "Review: TH Rinaldi LUK (long)".

Thank you for the info, gentlemen... I'm on my way over for some serious browsing!!!


Nick B.

Just send you some jpegs. There has been a lot discussed about Talonite too. Use the search engines both here and KFC for Talonite or Stellite. Deja News also will reveal some interesting stuff.

Glad that everyone here is pleased with their LUKS, TTUKS, or whatever they are being called these days.

I bought one awhile back before the forumite rush, and have seen it precious little, it only comes back to me when the female friend who I "loaned" it to wants it sharpened. She really does use it for a kitchen knife, but last time it made its way to me, there were vertical scratches in the direction of the tip. Seems some drunken macho guest at her place decided to put the knife through a beer can and into a mini refrigerator beneath it. What a bad pickup line, "hey I think I punctured your fridge."

Glad TH is getting the orders he deserves. Told him awhile back that his combination of low prices, quality, and well thought design would make him high sought after.
Checked my mail this morning and was delighted to see the beautiful pictures of the two Rinaldi knives. The blade shape is undeniably that of a kitchen work-horse.
I think I must have one!
Thanks for the pics!


Nick B.

Gorgeous stuff, huh? I can't speak about the chimera, but the TKK works really nice in the kitchen, not least because the unconventional looks scare away the local kitchen knife abusers (not to mention my wife or mother-in-law by name

Keep in mind, though, that the TKK wasn't meant to be just a kitchen knife. If it were, I'd have done a bunch of design changes, starting with making the stock thinner and the belly less curved. I wanted the knife to handle very well in the kitchen, but still be strong enough and have proper geometry for medium-use utility work and even defensive use. Take it out camping, whittle some walking sticks or marshmellow sticks, cut some cordage with it, etc. For anything but really hard use, it will out-cut most anything you have! And for defensive use, unlike many medium-size defensive knives, the TKK actually has finger protectionn up front for thrusts, something I consider mandatory. The excellent kitchen performance is gravy!