River Hawk EDC hawkbill, New River Knife Works exclusive!

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
I'm pleased to present the first design collaboration between David Mary Custom and New River Knife Works.

ETA: The finished Suretouch River Hawk pics start here: https://www.bladeforums.com/threads...-works-exclusive.1871776/page-2#post-21403659

At just over 7" overall, this EDC hawkbill has a full sized handle with a blade just under 3", making it easy to carry, with good ergonomics, and legal just about anywhere. They will be full flat-vex ground for a high performance balance of slicing ability and robustness. I'm honored to have been approached for this project and excited to include Mark VanderWest of Leading Edge Fabrication for laser cutting, and Jarod Todd for heat treating.

There are two versions of the knife, one without jimping, and one with a portion of thumb jimping, and then some jimping further up the spine towards the tip for indexing during detail work where the index finger is riding along the spine. The knife can fill many roles from basic EDC, to yard work, cord cutting, carving, and even Martial Blade Concepts.


At this time handle materials have not been finalized, but I believe we are leaning toward Micarta and G10 handles, and probably a fob tube at the rear and a solid pin up front. These will only be available through Jason New River Knife Works New River Knife Works ; please feel free to reach out to him for base pricing, to express interest in a particular handle material and color, or to make a no money down reservation for one. Perhaps with enough advance interest it will help us narrow down the handle material selection.

The steel, laser cutting, and heat treatment orders have all been placed this week. Feel free to click or tap "watch" on this thread to be kept in the loop as this project progresses. Thanks for looking, and thanks again to Jason and New River Knife Works.
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Would suretouch be a possibility for handle material, I enjoy the feel of that material. I’m sure they will be in high demand. Good work Sir!
And my thanks to you as well. Also... the blanks are now cut and have been shipped from Mark to Jarod.
If I remember correctly some will have jimping some will not, are there any that are being ground thinner? Thanks
Yes, fifteen with jimping and fifteen without jimping. All will be ground very thin, like the one above, which starts at 0 (on the caliper) behind the edge at the heel, and increases to about .016" at the tip, with subtle convex geometry. This means a very fine edge, but a blade and tip robust enough to be pushed and leaned on some, without giving up excellent cutting performance.
Well Martin, I think you'll be happy, because I've decided I'm going to have to go thinner with the tip. Cutting performance is almost excellent, but I am detecting enough increased resistance when the tip is making the cut that I cannot yet classify it as an excellent slicer from heel to tip. It cuts from heel to tip, but I want the tip to glide through material better than it is at this geometry. Now I know. That's why this one came home with me after all (and was the only one I ground today!).