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RJ Customs Fighter-Wicked

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May 27, 2004
I've got a Fighter for sale.It's made by RJ Customs,the
7 7/8 inch blade is O-1 Carbon steel.The handle is Montana Stag with Black Micarta spacers,& NS guard and Butt peice.It's Hair Shaving Sharp,Slim and Quick in hand.The Top edge is Pretty Damn sharp too.There's a pic of it in the Knives for Sale section on my homepage.It comes with a Nice leather sheath.This knife usually goes for $300+,I'll let it go for SOLD.Happy Trails :cool:
No kidding!
Thats some serious knife porn and a remarkable collection of Bowies.
Just the kind of stuff Id want to collect if I didn't insist on owning users.
I love them all!

The one you are selling is the shorter one with the sub hilt right?
The RJ that's for sale is in the "Knives for Sale" section. The Subhilt is Not for sale. :cool:
Should have been sold by now. Must be that after Christmas I'm broke syndrome.

Ray Smith
I will take it!!!I can't take it any more. This knife has been Haunting me since Buddy posted it. ;)
Hey Stabber,email me and we can finalize the deal.You are getting a Damn Nice knife :cool: .