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Rose pattern SS damascus and giraffe

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Jan 11, 2006
This is one i had on hold for someone for the holidays but they never paid....SOOOO...

OAL: aprox 6"
Blade: Rose pattern Stainless Damascus
2.5" Cutting edge (pic is before i sharpened it)..

Blue Stabilized Giraffe bone handle with NS bolsters and pins...
Comes with Black stamped Leather sheath...


I accept paypal or MO



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Hi Jim,
Whis the size difference in this one and Osage Bird and Trout Knife?
I really like the proportions and lines on this blade. Have you you ever made the same pattern in a larger size (say 4 1/2" blade)? This pattern would make a really nice hunter/utility. Great work! I almost feel sorry for the customer who couldn't pay. Keep em' coming!
Thanks for the comments!

ktint...This knife is a little smaller then the Osage Bird and Trout...about an inch...i designed this knife to have the size and look of a folder but in a fixed blade design...

NDallyn...im always willing to try something new so i might give it a try...i have a few more of these on the bench but in 440 so ill try a few larger ones and send to be HT with them