RR: William Henry Knives. Yea or Nay?

Jan 17, 1999
I am considering the purchase of a William Henry spearpoint in the amber bone. If anyone has experience with these or other WH knives please let me know what you thought of them. Are the fit and finish well done . Do they have tight tolerances? Are the liner locks well done...

I know if anywhere, someone here has an opinion on them. Let me know.

You can't go wrong with William Henry Knives for a HQ small pocket knife. Fit and finish are excellent. Very impressive knives that compare to many customs at a good price.

Bob Taylor

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I have a T10 Lancet in carbon fiber. It has a gorgeous blue anodized Ti liner. The quality is simply outstanding. After I showed mine to Dexter Ewing, he quickly purchased one of the T12's that you're interested in. The T10 is very small - makes a nice shirt pocket knife. The blue Ti clip looks great against a pair of khaki pants. A great value at $175 IMHO. Here are a few pics:




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I've got their T12CF carbon fiber Spearpoint folder, and it's my daily carry now. Excellent fit and finish, action is glassy smooth, and the blue anodized ti liners and clip stand out nicely against the black scales. Though pricey ($200), it is well worth it. Nice blend of form and function. If it's this one you want, be prepared to wait. Last when I spoke with Matt Conable, he said that the T12Cf is back ordered 3 months!

Dexter Ewing
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I handled the little, WH spearpoint amber bone knife at a local retailer a while back. I was totally impressed with the beauty of the knife -- smooth opening/closing, beautiful fit and finish. It's one of those production knives that exudes the aura of a well made custom.

The retailer was asking $190. Unfortunately, I have several bigger using knives in mind at the time. But, I still ogle those WH's when I get to the store. I suspect at somepoint, it's going end up in my collection.

I absolutely LOVE my litle William Henry carbon fiber LANCET. I can't say enough good things about it! Its smooth, solid, and very well built. I wear it in my shirt pocket like an fine fountain pen. Watch for more fine knives down the road from Matt @ William Henry.

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Hi Sing
Where or which shop did you see the W.H.? I would like to be able to check them out at lunch time.

Stoddards downtown, of course.
The knife guy with the glasses and van goh beard showed me the amber bone WH and said it was on sale. Beautiful knife but, again, was/is not on my list yet. Don't know if they still have that one. They have other WH models.

I'm a big fan of the William Henry knives. I have the carbon fiber lancet and the amber bone spearpoint. I wish I could afford the others! I don't own any customs so I can't compare, but these open and close smoother than any production knife I have. The fit and finish are perfect, they come razor sharp, and the liner locks on mine are solid, locking up right at the left edge of the tang. The spearpoint is a useful shape, and the blades are very thin, so they cut really well.

One minor nitpick is that the amber bone spearpoint isn't the most practical knife. It doesn't have a clip, so at over 4" long, it's a little awkward sitting at the bottom of your pocket. Plus the nickel silver bolsters scratch very easily. They come with a nice leather pouch, but I don't use it. What's the point of carrying a one-hand opening knife if you need two hands to take it out? Nonetheless, I love carrying this knife around.

I think Northwest Cutlery is selling some limited edition William Henrys, you might want to take a look.

Those knives are soooo nice. Someday I'll have one. What would be nice is a hybrid. A William Henry/ Emerson Commander/ Axis Lock knife. Ahhhhh....what a dream knife.


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Senator, I handled a few of the William Henry knives from a knife store at the mall. I was impressed by the slim lines and feeling of the knives. They were very well made and they weren't way out of reach like some of the other custom knives.
I have the exact knife you are describing. IMHO these knives are excellent in all areas. From the hand finished blades/bolsters down to the jeweled liners! The only way WH could improve is by making a bigger model. I would love to have the spearpoint with say a 3.5" blade. I bought mine from Cove and I wanted to purchase a stone for the thumb stud. Matt from WH was very helpful and he convinced me that a garnet would best complement the amber bone. He was nice enough to send me a new stud, set with a beautiful garnet for $20. The stone really made the knife look like a custom. WH has done a great job in filling the void between production and custom blades. They are great people and they take pride in their knives. I think my next WH will be the lancet with MOP scales.

Joe Liguori
I'm very favorably impressed by the William Henry line. Look for a few new variations at the Blade Show.

The W.H. "Kestrel" will be the same size as the "Persian", but with a drop-point blade instead of the Persian's upsweep.

The new production carbon fiber "Lancet" will have their clips at the pivot end, making them the ideal knife to go in the shirt pocket next to the Mont Blanc fountain pen.

They've switched species in their hardwood handles, dropping the cocobolo (too many production problems) and switching to an Austrailian wood they call "Fishtail Oak", which I've also seen sold as "Beefwood" by the importer.


And sometimes they do special runs, like this one:


Has anyone herd of the "Hummingbird - Carbon Fiber"?? I saw it for sale on the cheasapeake knife and tool web site but they didn't have any pics. Does anyone have pics of this knife?


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Wow, I finally got to handle a few of these beauties at the Blade show. Incredible! I'll be foregoing any more knives until I can afford a Lancet with jigged bone handles.

My non-knife nut Dad came along with me, he's been carrying the same Buck Esquire for over 25 years now. The WH line of knives were some of the very few that actually impressed him (the others were all $2,000 plus pieces). I think it says something if even the average non-knife enthusiast can easily recognize their quality. I believe he actually called the Lancet a "jewel". :)

Anywa, the new small spear point is a neat little knife. Kinda like their larger spear point but shrunk down a few inches. Should make a nice usuable little knife along the lines of Spyderco Dragonfly.

Though I don't yet own one, I got to examine Dexter's and Matt Conable was nice enough to show me several of the models (including an incredible Michael Collins customized knife).

These are beautifully crafted knives and would make a welcome addition (imho) to anyones collection.


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I do not own one YET...But I will...they were probably the neatest thing I saw as far as production knives at the Blade show. G2's knife was awesome and pretty. Like diamonds, you cannot get tired of looking at them.

Strider & Sing: Also check out Cheasapeake Knife & Tool at the Natick Mall. They had several William Henry`s last time I was there. One with gorgeous stag! I was very impressed.