Runners folder...what do you use?

Oct 4, 1998
I have been carrying a Spyderco Endura as a lightweight disposable folder as a running companion. I am tired of flitzing it to death, which by the way, Wal-Mart stopped carrying it so where would a good source be, every two days to keep oxidation from staining my running shorts, not the least of which is just maintaining a tool.

What I am looking for is a pretty much corrosion resistant light weight folder or maybe fixed blade that is a little easier to maintain. Try to keep the price under 75 bucks. I already spend way too much of an all too small GI Bill on blades as is. I am leaning towards an MD micro Mirage X, but the neck sheath would be a no go. Not to mention too expensive.
Thanks for any input.
Yea!! Another runner!

I don't know how rust resistant it's supposed to be but I carry a Cold Steel Voyager with a 4 inch blade; I run for 2 hours at a time 6 days a week in South Texas weather (hot hot hot!) and I've never had a problem with it rusting. After every run I just wipe it down with a Tuf-Cloth and maybe once a week I wash it. I wear it on one of those combat web belts and that keeps it away from my body so maybe that helps.

Antonella Giordano
Hey ChrisJohn,
Something to consider for running use, not as costly as the Mirage Micro and not a folder- the Frequent Flyer. Very light. The Pygmy ( the larger of the 2 models) comes w/ a hi ride sheath and a coat pocket sheath. I ran w/ the hi ride- worked out pretty well.

I usually carry an old Spyderco Renegade clipped to the waistband, behind the hip bone, when running. Main reason is that it's available and I wouldn't cry for months if I
lost it. To prevent corrosion, I just wipe it off after the workout and lightly oil it. A STIFF KISS will soon replace it, though I'll have to figure out a way to carry it.
Maybe a neck strap and an elastic chest strap to keep it from flapping (Through a T-Shirt, that would look like a polar heartrate-belt to the casual observer). An AFCK or a Stryker
with BT2-Coating would probably be almost maintenance-free, with the open-body construction of a liner-lock and the corrosion-resistance of blade and titanium liner. Unfortunately, I don't
know any small fixed blade in Your price range that is BT2-coated. The sheath for any FB would have be be made of Kydex/Concealex or Zytel, leather and Cordura will soon become very smelly if exposed to sweat. Who knows, maybe Benchmade will produce a downsized version
of the new Nimravus soon...

Take care,
Tobse !

the best thing for you would be a benchmade 830 or 840 with black coatting.
maitmence free and rust proof and inexpensive.
I'm with Memnoch: I'd consider the Benchmade 830 or 840. The Ascent is a near equivalent of the Endura in terms of construction. A lockback might be preferable to a liner lock, as running with some knives of the latter category can possible jolt the blade past the ball detent.
Every race I un I carry my BM 350, Its made of ATS-34 but I've seen no rust on it as of yet. I've never even reomotelly had it open while I was running. As for cleaning it off, I just rinse it in water after I'm done running and dry it off. Now what I just said might be a little complicated but I'm sure you can figure it out

Benchamde Eclipse/Ascent 830, Black-T coated. Lightweight, positive locking (no liner lock to slip open from jarring), rust proof, great folder!!!

I happen to have one for sale if you are looking. Like new condition at a used price.

email me at:
How about a Vaquero Grande in it's Kydex sheath? Cheezie knife but at $35 from Smokey Mountain you can't go wrong. It weighs in just a tad more than your Operator but the design of the sheath should cut down on chafing.

I am almost never without my 4" Tanto Voyager, much like Antonella. The few times I have wanted to go even more lightweight, I have clipped my Ready Edge around my neck. You could go even lighter with a Mini Pal...but then, you'd only have a 1" blade, and push knives are illegal in some parts!
(Though, you can probably still find a Mini Pal for $14 or less...)
Well, my knees don't take running too well, but when I'm on my road bike I keep an Endura or a Cricket in my jersey pocket, never have a problem w/corrosion. I always put a little spray of WD-40 on afterwards and wipe it off - no worries. On my mtn bike rides, I have a BM Panther in a sheath on the strap of my Camelback, it's been thru all sorts of dust/mud/rain/sweat cominations and I use the same WD-40 treatment as above with excellant results. BTW, the Panther is SUCH a good knife for the money, too bad it's been sacked.
Think it is going to be a BM 840BT if I can ever locare one. I wasn't aware that they had a 3.9 inch model the 840, and that was the only reason why I hadn't picked one up. Surprised that Spyderco and come up with some kind of coating...
with they would...
I put in a fair number of miles training for marathons and ultras. For track work, short distance, and some races, two Delicas, strong and weak side, slightly behind the hip usually accompany me (or an Endura/Delica combo, depending on where I'm running). I'm a firm believer in the Erik Remmen doctrine of two knives.

The blades get regularly coated with CLP, and are rinsed in water after a run. My sweat seems to be pretty corrosive, and this keeps the rust off.

For longer runs and races, belt water bottle systems expand your carry options (plus you stay hydrated). I like Ultimate Direction's Solo (single water bottle). Obviously, knife weight is a consideration when your running shorts or tights don't have a belt. With a Solo, weight doesn't matter, and heavier knives can easily be clipped to the webbing belt. On these days, the built-like-a-tank Spyderco Wegner comes with me.

Note for the CCW folks. The Ulimate Direction Extender torso pack (two water bottles) has two pockets in the front for carrying PowerBars, Gu, etc. A NAA Mini fits nicely in the pocket, doesn't print, doesn't bounce around, and is relatively quick to bring into play. No mouse gun bashing please. Carry options are extremely limited for someone who does more than jog a couple of miles each week.

I have yet to find a decent fixed blade system for a serious runner (light weight, comfortable, combined with quick access). Usually the sheath is the weak point, as it still has the blade attached during a draw from beltless, waistband carry.

Mad Dog was going to develop a carry system for runners, but has since declined. Trace Rinaldi is making me a lightweight version of his TKK/LUK, and is giving some thought to a decent IWB sheath appropriate for a runner. Stay tuned...

It's weird how the same knife will rust really bad for one person, but act really stainless with another.

I use either an endura or a CS x-large tanto voyager, depending on how big of a knife I'm willing to run with that day. I haven't had any corrosion problems with either, even though I clip the knives on the inside of my sweatpants, where they're directly up against my skin and get soaked in sweat. I immediately wash them in fresh water when I get home, no problems.

Joel! You're an ultra runner too? I'm usually the only female in the ultras I enter; Did the Rocky Racoon 50 miler and felt pretty good afterwards; I have been concentrating on the 30 milers (there's a good one in Bandera in Feb. on a horse trail, LOTS of hills!)--I've got my heart set on a century coming up this summer. I wear a military combat web belt when I run and it does fine holding my knives and waterbottle.

Drive on, road rat!

Antonella Giordano

My former user ID was "Antonella"--it's still me!
Wow, impressed. I have run a few marathons, but nothing longer than 30 miles ever! The recovery time is just too long for me.

Why the TA-50? Heck it rubbed me when walking, can't imagine strapping it on for an ultra marathon. Take care

Do you long distance runners use a heart rate monitor? My big contribution to the "runner's sheath" discussion was a sheath that would somehow re-inforce and hook onto the heart rate monitor strap (I think the monitor strap would have to reinforced with shoulder straps). I thought it was a stroke of genius, but it wasn't picked up on. Oh well, genius in my own mind!

My heart rate monitor was my best investment ever for athletic performance, so I was hoping I could rig something off it.


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Yep, sure do, it keeps me from being lazy, but some days I hate strapping in on and realizing that all the chirping it makes is in vain. Take care
Affirmative on the heart rate monitor.

I've experimented with the small Nealy Aikuchi attached to the strap, but never could find a comfortable position that didn't chafe me. But that could be a function of the sheath design more than anything else.

Joe's right, the Polar strap isn't really meant to be load bearing, and I had to really snug it up to prevent sagging. I'm guessing a wider elastic would work better.

Once again, compromises. I'd like to avoid the shoulder straps (Polar already makes a bra that the transmitter snaps on to), but that's going to limit the size and weight of what I'm carrying.

One of these days I'm going to have to play mad scientist with Kydex and neoprene and homebrew something.