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SAK - Victorinox Tinker

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by UnknownVT, May 31, 2003.

  1. UnknownVT


    Feb 15, 2003
    There's been some interesting discussion about the Vic Tinker in this thread (link):
    My EDC Story - Victorinox Combo Tool Story

    However I thought I'd start a separate thread on this observation.

    Here's the Victorinox Tinker as imported to the USA by Swiss Army Brands (aka Forschner) - listed on their web site:
    tinker (# 53101)
    size:91 mm | 3 1/2 inch
    Large blade
    Small blade
    Can opener with small screwdriver
    Bottle opener with large screwdriver & wire stripper
    Reamer with sewing eye
    Phillips screwdriver
    Key ring

    This is on Victorinox's own web site:
    Tinker ( 0.4603 )
    Length: 84 mm, 3 1/4"
    1. large blade
    2. small blade
    3. Phillips screwdriver
    4. can opener with
    5. - small screwdriver
    6. cap lifter with
    7. - screwdriver
    8. - wire stripper
    9. reamer, punch
    10. key ring
    11. tweezers
    12. Toothpick

    Have you spotted the difference?

    Yes, the reamer has a sewing eye on the US import version.....

    BUT more important the US import version is bigger -
    it is 91mm (3 1/2") compared to the 84mm (3 1/4") size shown on the Victorinox web site.

    Notice the Swiss/international model number for the 84mm Tinker is: 0.4603 -

    According to the catalog sheets Victorinox sent me back in Jan/1993 there is a 91mm model with the exact same features as the 84mm Tinker - but it did not have a name - only the model # 1.46.03 - which is strikingly similar to the 84mm Tinker - except for the preceeding "1".

    Victorinox catalog sheet circa 1992/3 - Note the 91mm size category at the top -

    The US Tinker(?) Model # 1.46.03 details from the second column, second knife down:
  2. PWork


    Apr 24, 2002
    Victorinox makes an unbelievable number of different models.
    I'd like to know if there are any alox models other than the ones commonly found.

  3. UnknownVT


    Feb 15, 2003

    Someone posted a link to new US imported Alox models for 2003:
    in addition to the Alox Bantam there were these:
  4. markd1


    Jun 4, 2002
    the solo alox has the sides the size of the soldier. nice. the alox bantam is 84mm and is very thin (too thin for me) I wonder which one the 2 bladed apprentice is like. does anyone know?
  5. phwl


    Sep 28, 2000
    UnknownVT thanks for making a bunch of very interesting posts about SAKs. The Tinker is one of my favourites, particularly the 84mm version. It is the smallest SAK which has all the tools that I use. I find that I use the blade, can opener, Philips head, flatblade
    screwdriver and tweezers a lot. I never find myself really needing any other tool. Although the alox ones look better and have slightly better blades, I like having the Philips head and the tweezers in the standard versions.
  6. tarsier


    Apr 6, 2002
    I have the Solo, Settler, Apprentice, and Harvester. I also have the Electrician that has been sold in the U.S. for quite a few years. I'm not sure how it differs from the Electrician Plus. They are all 91mm long. I don't notice any differences in the width of the scales. Here are the dimensions, by my measure:

    Solo, Settler, Apprentice - 8mm (scales + one backspring)

    Electrician - 11mm (scales + two equal width backsprings + one spacer)

    Harvester - 13mm (scales + three varying width backsprings + two spacers)

    Several U.S. retailers have the Alox models in stock now. If anyone notices when the 84mm Tinker becomes available, I would appreciate finding out. I have the 91mm Tinker, and it is a favorite for weekend carry. Great knife.
  7. UnknownVT


    Feb 15, 2003
    Since the 84mm Tinker is the one Victorinox shows as current on their (new) web site.

    You might want to contact Paul Elsener (the son of the current owner of Victorinox) to see if he has any, or can get you one -
    use the Swiss/international model # 0.4603

    Victorinox Stores Inc
    (914) 428-8473
    125 Westchester Ave
    White Plains, NY

    Victorinox Stores Inc
    (860) 521-1806
    Westfarms Mall
    Farmington, CT
  8. markd1


    Jun 4, 2002
    Thanks for the info Tarsier. I'm looking for a 2 bladed, single layer vik to carry with my LM juice. The apprentice or the settler should fit the bill.
  9. Frank


    Oct 3, 1998
    I've never dealt with this seller ([email protected]) but he has a good selection on ebay. http://www.stores.ebay.com/davemacksstore/plistings/list/all/dept9/index.html
  10. Tango Sierra

    Tango Sierra

    Dec 30, 2002
    Back in 1977 a friend gave me a Vic Tinker (if that's what it was called then) because I was always looking for a toothpick. It took me nine years to lose the toothpick plus one more year to lose the knife.
    The rounded edges of the Vic's screw drivers drove me crazy which my friend knew about so he gave me a Leatherman plus a Vic Classic when I lost the Tinker. I still carry the Leatherman and the Vic Classic even though I've had to replace the Classic twice.
  11. APS


    Apr 30, 2002
    Tango Sierra,
    Those rounded screwdrivers drive me crazy too. It's easy to square them off - you only need about 5 minutes and a sharpening stone. Whenever I get a new SAK, the first (and only) things that I do to it is to square off the screwdrivers and file the tweezers down to a smaller point.
  12. BOILER


    Feb 2, 2002
    I ordered a Victorinox Compact from him last Tuesday morning, paid with PayPal, and received my knife on Friday. I think his prices are fair, and shipping is very reasonable ($1.75). The knife was brand new, factory packaged, and shipped in a padded envelope.

  13. UnknownVT


    Feb 15, 2003
    Just received e-mail from Paul Elsener -
    he has the 84mm Tinker model # 0.4603 for $18.75
    - contact him for more info:

    Victorinox Stores Inc
    (914) 428-8473
    125 Westchester Ave
    White Plains, NY

    Victorinox Stores Inc
    (860) 521-1806
    Westfarms Mall
    Farmington, CT

    >>EDIT (6/3/03 12:35AM)<<
    Paul said it was OK to post his E-mail address
    (which should make inquiries so much easier) -

    [email protected]

    Please tell him you got the address from BladeForums.
  14. bruce


    Dec 4, 1998
    I've bought about 10 Tinkers over the years to give to my kids. I wondered why the ones I ordered from the Aafes (Army & Air Force Exchange System) were always the 84mm version. Know I know it is because they buy them directly from the Swiss (in Switzerland) distributor and ship them to the service member in the US. They even make us pay duty on them if the Gov'nmt requires. When I've bought one in the US it has been the 91 mm version.

    I have an 84 mm version NIB awaiting my grandson to reach 8 yrs old and join the Cub Scouts. If it is valuable to someone who has an equally new 91 mm that wants to trade, I could, or not, no biggie to me.

    Bruce Woodbury
  15. UnknownVT


    Feb 15, 2003

    would you mind please checking your 84mm Tinker - to see if the reamer/punch has a sewing eye?

    I have heard that perhaps the photo and information on the Victorinox web site is out of date and the 84mm models now have the newer reamer/punch tool WITH sewing eye.

  16. markd1


    Jun 4, 2002
    Both my newer 84mm tinker and tourist do have a sewing eye in the reamer/punch.
  17. UnknownVT


    Feb 15, 2003
    Thanks markd1 -

    When did you buy these 84mm models with the sewing eye in the reamer, please?

  18. markd1


    Jun 4, 2002
    Both purchased this year (last month)in the US via the new distribution.
  19. bruce


    Dec 4, 1998
    Yes, the 84mm Tinker I got from Switzerland, through the Army PX system does have an eye in the punch (or is it a punch in the eye!).
  20. UnknownVT


    Feb 15, 2003
    Hurts to think about it :D :p

    Was the purchase fairly recent? when?


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