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San Mai Hunter with Ironwood. SOLD

Bailey Knives

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Oct 18, 2004
Here’s a San mai knife I forged. The core is 80crv2 and the cladding layers are 8670. It has a layer of nickel in between making it go mai if you want to be specific.

The handle is some really nice ironwood. It is sculpted, shaped and polished to give it a nice feel and look. It is held in place with pins and epoxy.

The sheath is 7-8oz hand tooled leather. It holds the knife securely and allows for an easy draw.

Blade - 3 5/8”
OAL - 7 3/4” tip to handle

Price - SOLD shipped to US

I have this posted elsewhere so the first time stamp saying “I’ll take it” gets it.

7DAAB105-8204-4FD2-BCC2-AE4028E56939 by matthew bailey, on Flickr

D3352C1B-23F9-4185-9AA4-95B924C26B0D by matthew bailey, on Flickr

55853C6B-705A-4134-A156-D87C6C2B7C4F by matthew bailey, on Flickr

29BEEAD6-F4BD-4FED-93E4-FA0F317F7EDB by matthew bailey, on Flickr

0195525E-7539-4185-81C5-BA1C0CEE54AC by matthew bailey, on Flickr
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