Schrade Salesmen

May 30, 2005
Does anyone know who some of these individuals were and what their salesman serial or SS## were as well. I only know of two Schrade Salesman, Irv Trachtenberg (SS20) and David Braunstein (SS30) where the sellers of these knifes knew these salesmen. I have several of these SS## knives with different SS## and would really like to know who some of these Foot Soldiers were as well as what States were in their region of sales. I am sure that some of these gentlemen would have had some very interesting stories to talk about. Any information would be great. Thanks,

How far back would you like to go?
I think I have a list from the late 80's
No numbers but names by area's. I would not publish these on a public board or on my web site.
Im sure they have some Stories to tell.
Irv, Thank you for your response, I didn’t think about my question well enough to know how sensitive it was. I now realize that it was inappropriate to ask and I should not have posted it. I apologize to all for not thinking ahead and respecting the privacy of Schrade Co. employees.

Sam, the question was a good one. It is the answer that is a bit thorny. While doing my research, I have been privy to a lot of information that I don't feel right in making public. That includes particulars of confidential contracts and letters, personell matters, and even biographical tidbits that while interesting, would be a gross invasion of privacy to reveal. If I were a former employee, CEO, or even vendor or customer, I would not want my name and confidential records made public. I make exceptions to this personal rule in the case of antiquity records, some production records, and information I find which was previously published somewhere. Even then, I sometimes have to edit out large portions lest I interfere with the privacy of descendents, and propriatary information of ongoing business concerns. I'm not always, in the words of Justin WIlson, "ate up with tact", but I try.

Irv, Codger, Thank you both, I realize my error and do apologize to all.

But there is no apology needed. Our explanations were in no way a chastisement. And there is nothing wrong with your interest in determining which salesmen were assigned which knives. Two out of fifty is not a bad start. Problem lies in that salesmen came and went all the time. Some were promoted, some quit, some fired, some deceased. Did you know that Albert Baer's second wife was at one time a Schrade salesperson?

I have and SS30 Scrolled bolster LB7 with David Brainstein written on box seller tells me he was the Schrade salesman.
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Glad you found us, and thanks for the number. Hopefully, Sam will add it to his list. DO you have pictures you can post?


PS- be sure to visit Larry's site listed at the top of the page (Open for Viewing), it is a great research resource, and he is adding to it all the time. Also, learn to use the "search this forum" button at the top. A lot of good information is archived here!
That is 1 sweet lb7.
I'll check around.
Looks like a special order to me.
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Yes I was lucky to pick that one up. Ive got a few more rare LB7s coming in the mail at the moment, should be here monday or tuesday.
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Would that scrim by chance have Linda Karst's signature or initials under it? It sort of looks like her work. She did some outsourced scrim designs after Mr. Giorgianni retired, I think during John Duffey's tenure there as artist. Was there a paper of any sort included? Sometimes copyright dates and logos help pin the date.

Had a careful look,
No there is nothing like that on it, It says on blade etching: SHRADE IMPERIAL corp and then underneath that National Sales Meeting 1984. No paperwork with this one.
That says it all. It was a salesman's bonus knife, not proto, sample, or anything else. He got it for outstanding sales that year.
Perhaps you need to look at the photo again the reverse side of eagle says SS-30 in the centre sheild inlay which is an abbreviation for Salesmans Sample. What did you mean when you said its not a sample??
Regards Tim
Regular salesmen's samples were provided with the SS# on them, usually on a bolster (not on a shield?), but would not be etched with the sales meeting date.
Yes OK, but this is still something different as I have seen a few others that were the same except for the SS-30 that is stamped on the sheild as this one has. The sheild was blank instead. With the information youve given me it makes me a little confused as to exactly what this one is as its not a normal sample or a normal Eagle scrimshaw national sales meeting LB7 either.
Regards Tim
....welcome to the world of Schrade will always remain just a bit confused like the rest of us. Bit like trying to understand a woman mate there just aint no logical pattern to follow with Schrades..expect the unexpected every time mate.!! Hoo Roo