Searching for perfect neck knife

May 10, 1999
I am searching for perfect neck knife. I like Boker Specialist very much, but their MCS carry system seems to be quite big. I like Simonich's cetan tanto as well. I cannot find any pictures of Ed Chavar and Kurt Meedrink's works. I do not live in US so I cannot attend any knife show as well.

Neck knife specialists - please help me.
Your in luck, David. There is no lack of neck knife opinions from this group.
Try doing a forums search on neck knives and all your questions shall be answered. Some of the makers post here too (Rob Simonich, Kevin Wilkins, Alan Folts, ...who else?), so if you need specific information, ask away.

What kind of price range...??

I mean, I love the Kasper neck knife from Pat Crawford for a $100 plus.. but,

the CRKT stiff Kiss serves the same purpose.... $29

Meanwhile the Boker/Nealy project is great, too.. how much do you want to spend.

I recommend the first 2, having no experience with the last. (The first used to be a carry all the time for me.)

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I own a Simonich. It's a great knife, but too heavy to be hung upside-down from it's Kydex sheath. (MY Cetan is too heavy.....there are lighter ones!)

I highly recommend Newt Livesay's knives and REKAT's Hobbit Fang or Hobbit Utility.
I would look at the knives made by French maker Fred Perrin.

I have two of his "Griffe's" and one "Subway Bowie".

I couldn't be more pleased with them.

You can get an idea of Fred's work by looking at:


Live Free or Die


IMHO you should give a try to Bud Nealy's Pesh Kabz.

With 550 Cord it's really a silent partner.

Now I really enjoy my Fred Perrin La Griffe but I don't want to be a "cheerleader" like my friend blues!

French don't know how to make knives.

I'll second the motion for a REKAT Fang or Utility as well as the nod for a CRKT STIFF KISS. I haven't had any experience w/ the Boker Specialist, or any of Nealy's knives, but the MCS system DOES look a little bulky. If you've got a Dremel tool, you could get a STIFF KISS and cut away most of the sheath--then you'll have a streamlined package. But if you're looking for something smaller and hence, more discreet, the REKAT Fang or Utility seems wiser. Where I live, anything over 3" is questionable. So, I never take the STIFF KISS out w/ me except when I'm fishing or hiking or camping. The smaller REKAT is more appropriate in public (it's smaller than the small size BM Ascent or a Delica when they're open). That's just my thought. I'm getting a Newt Livesay G-45 in a few days, so I'll let you know about that one, too.
If you like the idea of a skeleton handle, the Rekat Fang and Utility are good.

Nest Livesay makes some inexpensive knives with good quality, the Woo and Little Pecker.

The spyderco Moran is a good neck knife, with the addition of a aftermarket sheath.

Bob Dozier makes excellent knives, at a woderful price point all things considered.

Or put a Spyderco folder into a Mike Sastre sheath and you have neck knife, a lot more options that way.

E-mail me for anymore info, I probably won't see this thread again.

Check out the future possible Spyderco Worker 2000

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. Sorry about the wait, my review and interview should be online shortly, luckily Spark has graciously offered to do the pictures, look for it right here at

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I'd just add, if you're looking for something a little fancier, Jans Anso makes a nice skeletonized neck knife out of Damasteel.

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Another option that hasn't been mentioned, at least if you're fond of "new makers" like me, is Jones Knives out of Danville, VA.
Barry and Phillip make a nice ATS-34 skeletonized tanto (3") with a SUBSTANTIAL (yet light) kydex rig. They also do a modern tactical "modern" wakizashi that will make you howl.
I know Barry and Philip, their knives are great....

they make a little thin ATS34 drop point with a cord wrapped handle and a leather sheath, that IMO is a killer little neck knife, I second the idea of them for a neck knife...!!!

Jones Knives sounds interesting, does anyone have contact info for them?

I like my women like I like my knives: strong, sharp, well-formed and pattern-welded!
Thanks for all the input. I have spent last three days browsing the BladeForum and reading about neck knives. I still cannot find any pictures of Alan Folts', Ed Chavar's, Kurt Meedrink's and Jans Anzo's knives on the internet. Jones Knives sounds interesting too.
Although the law regarding firearms is very strict in my country, I have not heard anything about knife law. I should not have problem carrying blade longer than 3 inches, but it would be inconvenient anyway. I like tanto style blades, so Simonichs' Cetan (and Boker's Specialist) are on the top of my list right now.
One more question: Is there some knife magazine on the net. Something like SWORDFORUM.COM but just for knife enthusiasts.
A discussion of neck knives wouldn't be complete without mentioning R.J. Martin's excellent HANDIMAN model. It is a great value and is very sharp.


There is an excellent online magazine called Modern Knives. Details at


Almost forgot Sean Perkins' Kerver: . Just handled one, and looked interesting. Never cut anything with it, my friend won't let me. Anybody has any experience with the scythe grind? That's one knife I would order just by the look of it.
Get with Mike Sastre. He's got a sweet setup were you can use a folder as a neck knife, especialy a Spyderco. He can also make you a rig that carries the folder open but protected around your neck. He loaned me a sweet little Spyderco Merlin setup during a cutting excercise at Sooner Steel that works very well. -Brian