Sebenza: classic or regular

Dec 10, 2000
I want to say up front that I know this has been asked a 1000 times before so I'm sorry. I just can't make up my mind. I am going to buy a Sebenza in the next few weeks and I am researching and getting all the info on them that I can because I can only buy one and I want the one I buy to be the right one. I have made my mind up that I want the large version I just don't know if I should get the classic or the regular. I would just like to know which one all of you prefer. I am not getting it to do a certain task, just as a daily carry. Sorry about this being so long. Thanks for all of your help.
John, it's been asked 1001 times.

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I got the regular. I liked the looks better. To be completely honest it doesn't matter. No matter which one you get you will be very very satisfied with it. If you decide you want to get the other later, you can probably make a trade with someone. Sebenzas also hold their resale value very well. Viva los sebenza!

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The classic has a pointier point. If a needle point is useful to you go for the classic. The standard has a sorta drop point. The handle on the standard is a bit wider. Either one you get, it is a winner.

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Personally, I prefer the pointier profile of the classics but its a very subjective thing. My non-knife buddies can't tell them apart unless I point out the differences in the handle cutout and blade profile.

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It took me about 20 minutes to decide. Comparing the two on some internet pictures will reveal that the classic has a more tactical appearance, more towards a spear point than the regular. "you must never hesitate.."

Also, who said they'd always have the classic available? And if you want in the future to get a small sebenza, then you have two regular blade types. It seems that the frame on the classic has a slightly slimmer profile also. towards the butt end.

After receiving my classic a week ago, i am even more glad i chose it. I feel sorry for all those people who bought a 98 sebenza and couldnt get the classic blad type, it is definitely cooler.


hope this helps

BTW would anyone argue that in defensive knife fighting the classic would be better suited for thrusting, and the regular more for slashing?
Classic every time IMHO!

No orrible 'notches' all over the Ti!

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If someone has both of them and a camera, will you please post a picture of them side by side. I can't find any good pictures of them on the web anywhere. Thanks.
John, Will take a pic of the two side by side when I get home tonight. I have a small old (not classic) style and a large new. I like both. Lott help I am...

Clay Fleischer
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I have a regular version that I like better than the Classic. I was going to buy a Classic to go along with my regular one but after side by side comparison, I decided to save my money. The Classic is a great looking knife and I like the different blade design too but the titanium scales seemed a little thinner (my eyes could be playing tricks on me but I looked again a week later and still thought they looked thinner)
Anyway, the lock up was just a bit sticky too, but it would have "worn -in" after some use.

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CD Fleischer, did you forget about taking that picture. I'm sorry for beating a dead horse but I want to get the right the first time. Thanks.
The picture is three posts up. Are you not getting the post? By the way, I just ordered the Small Plain Sebenza (not the Classic 2000 Sebenza). I stared at the side by side picture for hours. I didn't want to make a mistake either. Yep, it's the Plain Sebenza for me. Took me about a week to make up my mind.

I have an old style (pre-classic classic) and a new style (regular). They are both great knives, very little difference overall. I like the blade shape of the new style better, just looks so beefy. They both perform very well and I wouldn't even try to distinguish between them on performance issues.

I will say that I prefer the thumbramp on the classic better.

Thanks CD Fleischer. After you post the picture for me I will let this post go away. I know everyone is sick of seeing this one.