Security Hassells..............

I am a Police Officer in NJ, where everything interesting is illegal. When I spot a knife being carried by an average citizen, I will generally make an inquiry, but not for law enforcement purposes. I am inquiring because I like knives. I find myself more often giving advice as to better hardware, sharpening, and lubrication! As for Paramedics, thank you for your efforts. We are on the same team. As in any profession, there are always a few idiots and wannabes. Don't judge all Security personnel because of some moron with an ego problem.
Short story:

Yesterday evening, a friend of mine called me asking for help when his car broke down on the side of the road. His alternator was going, so he bought a new one intending to change it when he got home. Never made it that far. Anyways, we're working on the side of the road, when a LEO stops by. It went something like this:

LEO: Is everything alright guys, need a wrecker called or anything?

Me: No, officer, just have to swap out this crapped out alternator. Thanks for stopping, though, appreciate it.

LEO: No sweat, I'll stay with the flashers until you're out of, what's that? (pointing to my small Sebenza, sitting open on the core support, we were using to strip a wire after the connector broke)

Me: Uh, just a pocket knife we're using to strip a wire.

LEO: No, I mean what is that, that's a nice looking knife.

Me: (a bit relieved) That's a Chris Reeve Sebenza.

LEO: That's a Sebenza? A buddy of mine was talking about getting one, but I've never seen one before. Can I see that?

Very cool guy. Spent twenty minutes chatting with us while we finished things up, never blinked when I clipped it back inmy pocket, and we went on our way. Shouldn't all things go sort of like that?

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

When I went to the county courthouse a few times to "sit in" with the court reporter, I carried my old SAK Spartan to tighten screws on my steno machine, plus the can opener made an excellent hook to pull out an old ribbon if i needed replacement. At the checkpoint one security guard wanted to confiscate it. When I told him why I NEED it, he got a screwed-up "Mmmm..I gotta poop" look on his face, looked at me hard, then condescendingly waved me through.
More recently, with an upgrade in steno machines, a SAK Classic works fine and has never gotten a second glance.
Speaking of the SAK Classic, one guy told me his was confiscated at an outdoor concert because it was a "weapon."
by Toni Mattis . . .

I'm Jim's wife. Our friends know this story. I am an attorney. I made an appearance at San Fernando Superior Court. The x-ray machine picked up a salad fork in my briefcase. It was confiscated and they put a piece of masking tape on it with my name on it. I complained to the opposing attorney who said, "We know what you did to that endive salad." I got it back and have been known as "Toni the Fork" ever since.

- Toni
There are conceiled weapon(gun) permits,!!!!!, why not conceiled knife permits??? They got a problem, flash em' your card.

I'm not sure about the rest of the nation, but here in Florida, the concealed weapons permits include knives already.

JP Bullivant