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Seeking eBay advice

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Dec 30, 2005
I have a small collection of fine knives from the 60's and 70's, many with original boxes, etc. Very few have been used at all, let alone sharpend.

Not being a seasoned collector myself I have thought of putting them on eBay. I've noticed that most of the posts seem to be either brand new items or very used items.

Is eBay the place to go? I don't feel qualified to price them for a venue as high caliber as BladeForums.

I like the idea of an auction. Any tips? Do real collectors frequent eBay?

I know enough about the value of some of these knives to know I should put in a reserve, but I've been told that can discourage bidding.

Is there any auction site dedicated to collectors?



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Oct 9, 2004
If you really want to sell them, just put them up on ebay with no reserve. The reason I say no reserve is because the collectors are on there constanly searching for good knives and they usually bring plenty,the most important part of this is get several good pictures of each knife. You can post a bunch of pictures using ebay's picture hosting very quickly and easily. So if you arent good with a digital camera you may need to find help with that.
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Feb 3, 2001
Buy a Gold Membership and sell 'em here, at least your sellin' to educated knife people on the forums.

Ya probably have a better chance of a fair price here.

If you have a picture hosting site you could always put in a link and I'm sure there would be plenty of opinions out here.

Win Heger

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Feb 29, 2000
I think you'll get better exposure on Ebay. Before you do, go there and research the knives. Do a search a few different ways, unless they're customs I'm sure someone has one for sale or recently sold.

Set the starting price at the least you'll except and let the auction do the rest. Or start it low with the reserve being what you'd like to recieve.

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Oct 2, 2000
If they truly are "desirable" knives,,put them on ebay at a low starting price,,I use $9.99,, with No Reserve and let 'em go. There are lots of collectors who spend more time on Ebay looking for knives than on the forums. A low opening price helps to create excitement and thus more bids,,that's what you want.

Phillip :)
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Jun 7, 2004
you definitely want some bids early in the ebay process. there's so much junk on there, i dont even have time to look. i go to only those knives that have bid(s) on them.

i let others mine the nuggets from the chaff for me!;)

in your heading say "no reserve"......gets more inquiries that way

i personally refuse to bid on reserve auctions