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Selling my Todd Begg Collection!

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Apr 7, 2015
Hello Everyone,

I have decided to sell my Todd Begg Collection to fund other interests. Both knives are brand new, never carried or used (safe queens). Please no trade requests/inquiries.

#1 - Todd Begg Bodega Cerakote - This knife was made specifically for the 2014 Gathering in Las Vegas (very rare). I bought this knife from eBossHoss last year. The knife has the sunburst pattern G10 in sand color and Cerakote on the titanium frame and blade. It has the cracked ice pocket clip and the diamond/knurled pattern on the back spacer. Underneath/inside the back spacer is also finished in cracked ice. It is very smooth running on ceramic IKBS with a strong detent and perfectly centered blade. No longer for sale.

#2 - Todd Begg Glimpse 5.5 - I bought this knife brand new directly from Todd Begg through GP Knives last year. The knife is stunning in the blue anodized with the polished/silver trim and the diamond pattern. It has the cracked ice pocket clip, ceramic IKBS, polished and blue anodized back spacer and cracked ice and blue anodized on the bottom/inside of back spacer. The blade is in a compound ground satin which in my opinion is the best looking blade for this knife. Very smooth and perfectly centered blade. No longer for sale.

Thank you for viewing and please send me a PM if interested. Please no trade requests/inquiries.
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