SERIOUS POST...Do you currently own a knife that you will never use?

Jun 21, 1999
Have any of you ever purchased a knife that is not a collector, but you will never use?

Well,I have a Speedtech Synergy that I got at the Bladeshow.I have not used it at all nor carried it.I love the knife,but it would be hard for me to consider it as a user even though I should.I just recently, have had a different mind set though.I think I might start using all of my knives.I sometimes think to myself,"Life is too short to look at a knife and not use it".


I'm probably not going to use my BF Native SpyderEdge. I do use my BF Native PlainEdge.
Nope. Too much of my enjoyment of knives is in using them to cut things. I bought a knife once that I later realized was too beautiful to use. I sold it to a collector.

I have bought knives that I later decided I would never use again because I had too many similar knives that I liked better. Sold those too.

Nope, all my blades have some scratches, even the $600 customs.


PS - Good thing you put that Serious Post tag on your subject line. At first I thought the subject line said, Do you currently own a knife that you will never use to kill a beaver?

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No, not yet. But then again, my most expensive knife is around $200.
If opening and closing them but not cutting anything is considered not using them then Yes, I have many. I call these collector's items since all they collect is dust.

Are we going to have to start writing "SERIOUS POST" in front of everything due to the "best knife for a beaver attack" and such? please say it ain't so...

As far as the question goes, I can't see myself getting a knife and not using it. I try to buy knives that I think will have a use in some manner or another. If i want to collect something, I'll buy some sports memoribilla....
I'm with Tiger. Half of the knives I buy I never use. It seems like a waste of money after a while but I keep doing it. I can't help myself.
Benchmade AutoSpike... I don't carry automatic knives, and I have the manual Spike to use as much as I want; That knife will probably stay new forever. Other then that, no.

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Nope, they are all users.

I may stop using a knife in favor of a better one, but they have all been used.

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I have stuff I`ll never use because I`d be risking arrest in the great state of Massachusetts!

A another question may be "Do you own any knives that could get you in trouble in your state?"

Collecting knives can be such a stressful pastime.
All mine are used thus far. I hope to purchase a Mastersmith Damascus Bowie next year. It will not be used (now) but, saved for my youngest to enjoy.

Maybe I'll get to enjoy it also
I have a Microtech Nemesis that I doubt I'll ever use to cut something. But that's the only one. Oh, and maybe the stainless damascus Patriot on back order.
My Bladeforums Native. Do you think it will ever gain in value because of the limited run?