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Several Spyderco knives up for trade


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Sep 12, 2008
Let’s make a deal. I love trading. Texting is the best. Email is the next best thing. Or if you want message me here. Faster response for the first two options. I’m an open book. Easy to work with.

1. Spyderco Delica Zome Desert VG-10 brand new with box
3. Spyderco Delica Wharncliffe Hap40 burnt orange brand new with box
4. Spyderco Delica Wharncliffe Hap40 burnt orange brand new no box
5. Benchmade 530 some light wear no box
6. Spyderco Pygmy Warrior all black fixed brand new in box discontinued ****TRADED****
7. Spyderco Street Beat original run satin blade brand new, never used no box
8. Spyderco Mule Team 25 LC200N sold out on Spyderco so no more will be made. It is brand new with box

Looking for high end midtech’s
Newer made Emerson’s post 2014
Millit made knives maybe an all natural titanium aegis hoplite not anodized
Massdrop Perpetua
Spyderco Lionspy the large one
Benchmade griptilians In Gray g10 with 20cv steel
Auto knives both side auto and OTF
Custom bushcraft knives
Small axes, hatches ans custom tomahawks

ANYTHING that you might think it interesting
I found a PDW Badger that I never heard of before but gave it a try because of the forums here. I’m sure there is a cool knife I’ve never heard of that you need to introduce me to. Let’s have some fun

Lots to list, so instead of posting photos. Serious inquires only email cjdarr@icloud.com or text 217-493-9476 for detailed photos.
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