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Down to just cows and goats now, but ruminants are a lot of fun.


We‘re dealing with loosing Riley a few weeks ago. It’s a rough path. Take comfort knowing, they didn’t want for anything.View attachment 2353151View attachment 2353139
Always the roughest part, I usally get my next doggie a month or so before when I know the end is nearing, I’ve had it brighten up my older dog by giving them a pup to show the ropes to, I had a doggie stroller that I would push my older girl to the park in. Gave her soft grass to walk on instead of walking her the 3 blocks to the park on the sidewalk, when I got Scruffy, I’d put them both in the stroller to push them there. Suki, loved the doggie companionship! She was in a lot of pain and the time came for that last vet appointment. She was the best buddy & the smartest one I’ve ever had. She was some kind of a Hound & Airedale mix? I think of her everyday and the best part is Scruffy has a tad of her personality!
Yes! They make great eye contact, the one on the table looks to be a Calico. Just barely all three colors, have to ask John what his verdict is on that? If it’s a female, she’s a Cally!
Yep female. We call her Charlie (named before we knew). Other one is male, and we call him Thomas. Charles is pretty friendly. If Thomas is hungry, or if Charlie is around, he'll act friendly too...otherwise he's more standoffish.
Awww did that just happen? So sorry for your loss.

Someday we’ll all face that too. Very sad to think about.

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Thank you. Yes, just last night, we had to make that dreaded decision. This picture was from a few years ago. When we lost our golden last year, she went downhill fast. She got to the point where she could barely walk, had to be lifted up off the floor to stand, couldn’t hear much, couldn’t see at all, couldn’t squat down to tinkle. The four worst days of my life have been those last vet visits. This is the first time in over 20 years we don’t have the clickity-clack of doggie paws in the house, and I’ll tell ya, it’s not an easy thing to get used to.

That’s a handsome little one you’ve got there.
Will you be inviting a new furry friend into the house?
Will you be inviting a new furry friend into the house?
Don’t know. We both kinda maybe want another one, because we both love ‘em, but we’re not up to dealing with the whole puppy thing, even though that’s when they’re the cutest. We might go to a shelter and see if a rescue connects. Sometimes you see one and you just know right on the spot if they’re right for you. We adopted one from a family that was moving and couldn’t take him, probably about 18 years ago now, who just took to us instantly. He jumped in the car like he owned it, then made himself right at home in the house like he owned that, too, and got along great with the golden we had at the time. Big lunk of a yellow lab mix, we think, who turned out to be one of the coolest dogs. 120-lb lap dog. Whatever we do, we’re gonna wait a bit to decide.
We got the results from the DNA test we did on the dog yesterday. I don't exactly know what I was expecting, but I know that boxer being predominant wasn't it...

The breakdown in the 25 percent supermutt consisted of Collie, Aussie Shepard, golden retriever, and weimaraner. Apparently the traces there go back further than the great grandparents that they can pinpoint back to. 🤷‍♂️

Good ol' American mongrel, nothing like 'em.