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Sharpening Stuff: DMT and Lansky

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Apr 10, 2001
I have some sharpening stuff up for Sale or Trade. All of these items are Like New, I tried them a couple of times but you probably wouldn't be able to tell.

DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit: includes the knife clamp, 3 diamond stones (coarse, fine, extra-fine), serrated sharpener, and storage pouch. $35 shipped.

Lansky Multi-Angle Knife Clamp
Lansky Convertible Super "C" Clamp
$15 shipped for the two Lansky items together.

Price for all items together is $45, which includes shipping in the USA.

Paypal is okay (non-CreditCard, i.e. from balance or bank xfer preferred), or MO.

I am also up for all kinds of trades: knives (folder/fixed), lights, gear, gadgets...

Let me know if you have any questions or just shoot me an offer!
Pics are on my ForTrade post located HERE
...and obviously no knives are included with the DMT kit, just the sharpening stuff. :)

Thanks, Phil
Still here.
Also I am happy to sell/trade the DMT and Lansky accessories separate from each other.
I sent you an email pietruck.

Also updated the post with individual prices.

Thanks, Phil
Still available. Prices dropped even more!

Always open for trades! Looking for old-school Spydies: Delica/Rescue w/integral FRN clip.

Might be interested in Leatherman Juice or other multitools...

Or, whatever...
Still here, back for Groundhog's Day! Last Price Reduction before I try the dreaded "Bay" :)

Added pic of actual items below. DMT kit and Lansky C-Clamp fit nicely back into their packaging, but no packaging for the Lansky multi-angle clamp.

Thanks, Phil


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I'm not sure how this works yet, so I figured I'd better leave a message here. I sent you an email asking about whether shipping to the UK was possible, and how much the items and such shipping would cost if it was.
I just realized though that it might look a little odd without a message here too.