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Shipping preferences USPS, UPS, FEDEX...

The USPS does deliver to a P.O. Box, including Express Mail. I asked once and actually send Express to a P.O. box.

I prefer UPS. The last two items I got via FedEx were both put under a bush in my front yard.

One of the items was an expensive scanner for my brother's b'day...and it was raining off and on that day.

No more FedEx for me.
Check with your local postmaster, USPS is setting up tracking and delivery confirmation. I got this info from our local PM but it's not available here yet, the sticks get it last.
YES, it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!
UPS, I gave up on. I had 2 knives stolen after I dropped them directly at UPS!!

Now, I use FEDEX. No problem in 2 years.

RJ Martin
P.J., you're correct! The USPS is now setting up a tracking service that will be available for customers to track their shipments on-line, just like UPS. Not all areas have it yet, but it will be widely available soon. Your letter carrier will soon be carrying a scanner just like the guy in the brown van. For the price when it comes to sending small packages (like knives!), USPS insured is the way to go. When they have their tracking system set up, that will be even better. UPS is better for the heavy, awkward parcels, as that is really their line of the business. But, for smaller stuff, I go USPS. As for FedEx, they're too expensive and the local office is 40 minutes from my house, too inconvenient. USPS delivers every Saturday as a normal workday, and they even deliver on Sundays if you have an Express Mail package (for no extra charge). Plus, like someone else mentioned above, you can find a USPS office in every little small town USA. Not the same for the other guys. Just my .02 worth! I'll bet Prigger knows why I feel this way...HEHE.
Had any of you guys actually have their lost packages tracked (insured packages) and actually found?
I've ordered a couple of items in the past, and they were shipped via USPS insured, but I never got them. Even after months of waiting.
And I don't even know if the shipper got to claim the insurance or not... ughh..

Since there is no way to track the packages even if they are insured, I go for FedEx. Never had problems with them at all, and once, even helped me out in pulling out an item that was held by a customs examiner who wanted to tax it heavily. They did the bargaining, and I ended up paying a more reasonable amount in tax.

Had bad experiences with UPS, so I don't have any plans of using their service again.
I have used USPS, UPS and Fedex to ship knives from the US to Australia.
Nowadays, I always stipulate USPS. Seems that Oz Customs selects Postal Services packages at random....I have paid duty and sales tax on about one package in four or five. With Fedex and UPS, I have paid on every package. I suspect the carriers are required to present items for inspection. Apart from almost doubling the purchase price, inspection adds up to five days to delivery time. And this is after I pay a premium for faster delivery.
Must admit, though, a recent USPS "Global Priority" parcel took a little over four weeks even although it was not intercepted . Average time to my door in regional Australia is about eight days.
USPS does not seem to have a problem with "legal" knives.....most of my packages have been labelled "knives".

Brian W E
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