Show me your Blur!


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Sep 27, 2008
I've decided that I need a Blur.

Jonnymac44 once said, "every man should own a purple Blur." Is he right? Will it kick the Skyline out of my pocket?

Post up your blurs, so I can decide which one to buy. :D

ETA: Got one!!

ETA(12-25-12) Blurless again!
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Here are some of mine.



Details on the bottom knife in the left row please. :D
Every man does need a Blur, but there arent too many purple ones, I have yet to find one... Ill keep looking.
Wow T Shloz- My eyes just about popped outta my head....NICE collection! :D
there are some orange blurs on ebay, and i think there is a member on here who has some too
My current collection shown housed and unleashed. Yep, that's me with the orange blurs on the bay, but hit me up on PM for a forum member deal (if this is considered selling, I apologize and will edit the post). I also keep my other "small" Kershaws in the same case, but it's ONLY a Kershaw case. No other manufacturers may enter or be stored there. I'm OCD like that. The OCC Blur not shown because it's still in the tin and couldn't fit in the pic safely. Thanks for the thread!

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Jim - Nice collection

5.56 - The twill inlay is cool looking, dont think they make them any more but they come up often enough second hand
Thanks BobSig!

5.56 - If you go all black, the serrated tanto is one mean lookin' knife. All business IMO.
Guess it boils down to what's your favorite color. :)

Or what's your favorite steel? I would buy a Hot Pink Blur if you guys did aother run with those sweet SG2 blades. I love my SG2 Blur. I love my S60V Blur too and would take another one of those with any color handle.

Now howsabout an S110V Blur? Oh baby.... :eek:
Well it's not purple, but then again, Jmac does know his stuff. :D

I'm leaning towards the Silver Twill inlay or an all Black.

Hey Rob! Just got back from the mountains with the family for Thanksgiving and found this thread. Surprised anybody remembers that sig line!!:D Here are a few that I have handy at the moment.......nope, I don't even have a purple one for myself.:( They are insanely hard to find........ I do, however have another green S60V one that doesn't have those funny X's on the blade;)

I think looking for the silver twill version is a good idea, it's one of my favorites! I do really like the burnt orange version as well. I have a couple blue ones somewhere NIB and couple beat up users. It's still one of my all time favorite Kershaw models EVER. Great knife.

I have a couple blue ones somewhere NIB and couple beat up users.

jonnymac, if you ever feel the need to have less of those Blue Blurs let me know. Would love to have a blue version of the best Kershaw knife ever. The S60V is also an awesome version of the Blur, I was pretty happy to be able to find a blem :D
Here's an old pic of my Blurs. Still have 'em, no new ones though, times are tough :)


PS And the Purple Blur is there tooz :D
Nice collections guys.

Wow, that pimp hat purple really pops. :D
I have a couple blue ones somewhere NIB

Yer killin' me ova heeah. I can't even comprehend a purple or S60V non-blem, so a Blue NIB is like my grail knife right now. BobSig and I may be on the same Blur mission, but he knows if I find any duplicates, I'll let him know. :thumbup: