Awww. I wanted a solid gold handle. With a diamond thumb stud and a ...

Geez Spark, ya oughta post a top 50 best dressed list! Inquiring minds need to know.

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I really don't care what serial number I get but I must say that Jim March deserves number #1. Jim first coined the term "megafolder" as far as I know and is biggest fan and advocate of such.

Happy for you jim.


What's gonna be interesting is that I will end up carrying TWO knives, on the street, both marked "serial #1". Once I score CCW that won't be too often, but still fairly regular...outside of a custom maker, I don't know too many who'll be able to say similar.

Ohhhhhh ya.

Now all I gotta do is convince North American Arms to build that 4shot .32H&RMag SA minirevolver I've been dyin' for, score SN1 of that...hell, I'll be on my way to a REAL street-packable collection

Jim March
#13 - the way I heard it, Christian folk labelled this number unlucky because it was considered sacred to some pagan folk. Anyhow, I would consider it an auspicious sign to have Sifu #13! Hope the recipient feels likewise.

How many days 'til it comes (counting the days here)?


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