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Sleeping with Knives

Oct 3, 1998
I'm coming out of the closet and admitting that I always sleep with a knife in bed with me.
This habit started when I was a youth and I camped and back-packed in the Rocky Mountains. When I got old enough to buy pistols, I kept them inside the tent and within reach, but not in the bed.
I continue to do this at home as well as in hotels/motels (whether traveling for work or motorcycle touring). I was once a jury foreman on a murder trial where the victim was suprised sleeping and beaten to death with a baseball bat in a motel room.
Fixed knives are too big to sleep with. Im too slow with a manual folder when first awakened, so an auto is perfect.
Now, I nominate the Benchmade 3500 Mel Pardue II, Black-T plain-edge blade as "the best sleeping automatic".
AFO's, LUDT's, Top Locks, and Cheyennes are uncomfortable, don't have locks, and usually wake you up. That's not to mention the scary impressions they leave in your skin after you have slept on them all night.
Any other knife-sleepers out there or am I really losing it ?
BTW, It "helps" to take the clip off

Before I got married and wise to knives even, I would keep a Ontario Machette between my matress with the handle sticking out. One night I got spooked and pulled it out to fast and the length of it made it hit the damn wall. No more sleeping with knives for me. I do keep them nearby as well as a Sig 226, Walther PPK and some other stuff I would not mention in public!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Lead - Follow or get out of the way!

There's an old Finnish superstition, according to my Puukko importer, to the effect that a knife stuck into the wall above the head of the bed wards off nightmares.


No Bill, you're not losing it. For what it's worth, it ain't just you.

Hope knowing this is a comfort to you.


Knife lover, Philosopher, Humanitarian, and All-around nice guy
(all right, so I'm just a knife lover)

BTW I was sick all last week and did not get your knife out. Sorry. It went out today Priority mail so you should have it by Wednesday or Thursday. Now your bed will have one more lump in it

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Lead - Follow or get out of the way!

I too sleep with knives under my pillow, two?

Marion David Poff fka Eye, one can msg me at mdpoff@hotmail.com

Patiently waiting for the Spyderco SpydeRench, Lum Chinese Chopper Folder, Rolling Lock, Benchmade M2 Axis, M2 Axis AFCK, M2 Pinnacle and the REKAT Escalator and Pat Crawford Design.

"The victorious Warrior wins first and then goes to war, while the defeated Warrior goes to war and then seeks to win" Sun-Tzu

I favor a fixed blade for this purpose; either a ATAK2, or a MAKO. Used to have a S&W first gen. auto there, but the 6yo son precludes such practices now.

I have heard , but have no personal knowledge, that DC sleeps with a chainsaw under her pillow. This is probably a gross exaggeration at the least. I am sure it is nothing bigger than a machete. At most, a GE minigun.

Rob; you haven't sent her that sword yet, have you? <g> Walt
I think whatever that we have to fight with should involve several steps to go through before we can use it. I heard a horrible story about how this guy's little girl snuck out on a date and came back late. When she came in, she made too much noise and woke up the father. Poor guy thought it was a burglar and shot her. One of my gun instructors say that the safest thing to do is to place the gun at least three steps away from the bed. That means you have to get out of the bed, take three steps, get the gun ready, and fire. I don't take it to that extreme, but it is something to think about.

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A coldsteel special projects Kukri beside the bed and a 12 guage Double barrell Hammer shotgun loaded with SgS in the closet 5 paces away plus a male Queensland Cattle dog sharing the room does the trick. You will know their coming in plenty of time. Given the choice of the three I think Id prefer to face the Shotty or the Kukri than the dog
G'day Gary,

Good to see a fellow countryman here. Where abouts in Sydney are you located (just so I know not to go creeping about there at night


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Havent slept with any knives, but some pretty sharp gals!

(i know, i know, dont quite my day job!!)

Keep a Scattergun Technologies "Border Patrol" 12 guage about 2 feet from my bed.

*I dont want to cut my attacker, i want to cut them in 2*

My knives goes with me wherever I go but they stay put in my pants at night.
There might be a chance that sleeping with your knives could make you a knifeofiliac

I have to admit that I have a Maglite D6 next to my bed.
Would work just fine as a bat.
The laws in Sweden would probably make me a criminal if I would use a knife against a poor burglar. Pretty sick justice.


Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.


I only hope that you're finally relieved that Lorena left home!!!

Your bud, (always looking out for you)


"Live Free, or Die"

I sleep with a '98 Endura clipped to the pocket of the athletic shorts I sleep in. (I believe in sleeping adequately clothed in case I have to leave in a hurry, answer the door, or whatever). My rules of thumb for knife-sleeping is that the knife should be. . .

1) light
2) flat
3) safe (no liner locks with crummy ball-detents, thank you)
4) useable for making sandwiches

Sweet dreams to all,
David Rock
This thread posed an interesting thought. While it is not an issue for the old married guys here, how do the single guys deal with all the sharp things they carry when they are...ah... well..er.. proceding to that first romantic overnight enterlude?

I mean with some of the daily carry descriptions I have seen on-line here, I can almost envision that scene from Police Acacamy II with Tackelberry and his girlfriend as they removed all their guns.

"What the heck are you doing with all of those and why do you need them in here with me?"


A wondering Bubba???
Surely the more kit you have about your person, the faster your jeans hit the floor ?

Works for me !

Funny, not in bed, but scattered pretty much all around it!
This must be a knife collector thing....
Whew!!, I thought I was paranoid...maybe you'll think I am after you hear what's whithin my reach. #1First, wife(very dangerous)in the middle of the night!), #2second a WWII Colt 45 w/speedtrigger behind my head but enclosed in the headboard, #3 S&W 9mm under my mattress, #4 WWII bayonette(wish I knew more about the make, it's a pretty nice durable authentic piece(in my headboard),#5 Stealth Cheyenne(headboard again but further away...don't want to get this one dirty on some scumbag),#6 a few other pig-stickers within reach of my headboard, #7 Luger 22 bolt action(under the bed, in case they managed to get out my door with a few of my favorite peices stuck in em, #8 solid cast iron fireplace stoker, the old fashioned one with the point and hook is located in the corner right next to my entry door(usually the first one I grab when I hear my five dogs barking! #9 a 38 snub in my sock drawer. Once leaving the house I put my KISS folder in my left pocket and my MT mini in my right, my briefcase hides away my CUDA. After I'm in my truck off to work I have an auto baton stuffed under my seat and a leatherman multitool in my glove. No guns in the car...just a rule of mine. Oops, I almost forgot my UtiliKey on my keyring. Well that's probably it...I guess I'm either paranoid or just love weapons, I think the latter. Fornutately, I haven't used any of them and hope I never have to, but wouldn't you feel like a fool being unprepared! I know I would. Sorry for the long story but the truth is I only mentioned the ones in my bedroom.