Slight problem, Suspects.

Dec 25, 2000
Guys, if I'm not at chat tomorrow night it's because my wife and I have a slight problem here at the ranch. Here's the current view from the top of my driveway:

We've got one bad-ass fire happening here. The entire mountain range is burning. Not good. It started this morning, and the firefighters don't really seem to be making much progress against it. Here's another quick view:

Gotta run. I'll let everyone know as soon as this is over. Please wish us luck, guys.
I'm thinking of you and Dawl, bro! Stay safe! Get the flock (pun intended) out of there. Hopefully they can get a fire break up before it hits your place.

Let us know how it goes.
The damndest thing is, Eric and I were talking about brush fires in California the other night on the phone, I feel like I jinxed him. Damn. :(

First a fire in Baltimore damn near taking Rearic out, and now this brush fire in California! I'd prefer our Tornados!

Good luck! Hope the critters stay safe as well.
Hey Eric:

Our prayers are with you. Good luck guys, I hope everything works out in your favor.
Stay safe and I hope that the guys with big hoses take care of it for you.
Take care,
Good Luck, Eric...

The California Dept. of Forestery firefighters are top notch. They give 110% to prevent structure loss.


That looks like some really scary stuff. I wish you & your family the best of luck in this situation. Take care.

Best of luck to you and yours Eric, we'll be thinking of y'all and hoping the Firefighters can stomp this thing down.

If worse comes to worse, don't hang around any longer than you have to.
Hi guys! :)

Miraculously, it seems to be all over, other than a few hot spots here and there that the forestry people are stomping out one by one.

Last night we were dangerously close, when suddenly the local fire department arrived to take a stand at the edge of our property. These guys fought valiantly for what seemed like forever, and they fought as if this was their own ranch.

As the sun came up, they called in a rapid series of air strikes. Two choppers came in low and dropped thousands of gallons of water with expert precision, followed by a plane full of chemicals.

Our ranch went entirely unharmed. The firefighting warriors have moved further up the canyon to save others.

I couldn't help but to think that the prayers and well-wishing of my fellow Suspects had somehow contributed to our ranch being saved, so the firefighters left here with personal gifts of a P-sark, a Commander, a waved 7, an SOFCK, and a pair of La Griffes. Despite their obvious state of exhaustion,....they were smiling.

Suspects, thanks for your concern. It means alot to me.

I'll be at chat tonight after I get a bit of sleep.
Eric: That's excellent news! I was watching the news and heard about the fire conditions. I'm glad it all worked out :)

Somehow I knew you wouldn't pass up the chance to 'hound' some of the strider guys tonight ;)
Oh, more thing.

During the peak of the fire yesterday, the UPS Truck rolled up. The guy didn't look too happy to be delivering packages amongst the flames, so he didn't even take the time to have me sign for the package, nor did I take the time to open it.
But I opened it this morning after the danger had passed.

Here's a photo of my Jerry Hossom Millenium Machete with the smoke clearing behind it, from my pal Larry Brahms at I love it.

So I gave away great knives this morning,.....and I received a great knife this morning. Life is good like that.

You'll be able to catch a full review with pix of the Hossom Millenium Machete in the Custom Forum later this evening.

Glad to hear that it all worked out OK for you and your family.

And that is a NICE knife, now all you need is a concealed carry shoulder holster for it ! :D
Glad to hear you're OK, Eric!!! THat's karma working, man!! You give those brave guys knives, and the Gods send you a BIG cool knife in return. :D
Chris, I'm afraid that if we start referring to Larry and Vince from Blade Art as "The Gods" they'll start believing it, so please refrain. :D