Slight problem, Suspects.

All things considered, it was a pretty good day!:)

Glad everything was Ok for you and yours.
Eric -

As long as we don't start the "we're not worthy" bow, I think their heads won't get too big. :D
Man, Suspects are just the best. Thanks for all of your concern, guys. We have a really rotten looking black mountain to look at for a view until it eventually greens over again, but other than that we came through unscathed. There's very little left to burn around here, so I doubt that we have to worry about any more fires for awhile. So let the earthquakes begin! :p

Eric,I'm glad all worked out well for you.:) I'm a FF in an urban area and don't know a thing about wildland fires other than I'm glad we don't have them here.

Thats a lot of class giving out those knives,I think once or twice someone sent us a pizza.:D But thats ok I do a job I love and it pays the bills.I can tell you though that ment a lot to those FF,knowing someone cares that much,what you did for them and I Thank You.
Sorry this is late. Glad to see that things worked out for the best. Your act of kindness to the fighters is what makes suspects proud. (Someday I hope to reach that level.)

A lot of times those guys do all they can do and when it is all over, never get to hear "thanks".

DJ Wolf, The Unusual Suspect.
I'm coming in super late with this Eric, but I'm glad you guys were safe and you managed to save your ranch.

Ross T.