Small Fixed Blade

I have just recieved a knife for crimbo which would be ideal,it's a TOPS Wolf Pup.....a small but tank like knife...kinda like a mini Howler !!!!!
very nice set up hikeeba....:thumbup: i like having my basic gear requirements on my person at all times....
Perfect PFD and PSK setup. I've been tweaking a Platypus hydration pack for much the same when day hiking or for a BOB. The one I've been using is a Patypus Mega (not a Mega Watt). In addition to a 2 liter bladder, it will carry a Spartan selection of gear (455 cubic inches) and it has a "beavertail" that you can stuff clothing or extra gear into and access without opening the pack. Real handy for rain gear on one of those start/stop rainy days.

Those inner tube rubber bands are nice gear holders-- good fire starters too (cough, cough, phew!)

For those of you looking for Old Timer Sharp Fingers, there are always a bunch on Ebay. Got mine at a garage sale for $2, a-yup. I love a bargain :)
If you're looking for a bargain priced small fixed blade , I just got a CRKT Crawford Falcon and I must say , I like it a LOT.
The sheath blows , period... but I am somewhat handy with leather so no big deal there , the knife however is a wonderful little gem , I paid $22 with tax.
At that price one could buy a few and keep them handy.
If I were looking for something new, I would look no further than the Dozier line of fixed blades. Moderate to small efficient well made knives.

Other possibilites are to replace the saw and knife with a SOG Revolver knife. Or look at a Sypderco Moran which should be good for what you need. I like the SOG Seal Pup Elite as a basic carry fixed blade for the trail. Good middle size and usable. Price is good too on the factory blades with fairly good steel.

I only report on what I own, so there are lots of other choices.
Grohmann models #1-3 are great designs and pretty light. The #2 makes for a very functional neck knife. I'd recommend the flat grind, and they're available in carbon by special order. Kydex sheaths are available from a couple of sources.
Codger, I agree on the Sharpfinger. Camillus is now making a copy in 1095 carbon that's readily available.
Codger, I agree on the Sharpfinger. Camillus is now making a copy in 1095 carbon that's readily available.

The Camillus GP152 is a good rendition of the Schrade Sharpfinger but, alas, it seems Camillus may have discontinued the fledgling Gran'Pa series of knives. I have no proof of this as yet, but the supply has never been great, and they do seem to be drying up.I purchased one not long after they first appeared on the market in December of '04 and reviewed it over in the Schrade forum.

The Camillus version is very close to the Schrade original. As has been noted, Camillus did work for Schrade. The Sharpfinger, unless I miss my guess, is one of those high production knives that Camillus occasionally assembled for Schrade from Schrade provided parts, so it would be natural that Camillus already had trained personel, and the required assembly nests and guages for the 152 pattern knives. Even the Camillus number for their version is GP152, quite near 152OT. Another clue to this possibility is the very early introduction of the GranPa series, one of the very first of the Sharpfinger made by another company after Schrade's closing in 2004.

Also there are the United/Arrowhead versions, also well made in America. Likewise, I believe it is also out of production now with United's recent bankruptcy.

Not sure how great of a suggestion this is, but a Buck Woodsman is a fixed blade knife and it's "small" in comparison to alot of other fixed blades.


7.75" OAL, 4" blade.
I recently purchased a Buck #105 Pathfinder. Buck back in 2000 changed the way they sharpen their knives. They call it Edge 2000. This knife is sharp, sharp, sharp. The balde is 5" the handle is 4" so the 9" overall length is not very cumbersom. The sheath is leather and extremely well done. I have been wearing it for 3 days now and hardly notice it. I was looking for a backpacking knife to wear on my belt so when I had my pack off I was not seperated from all of my tools. The 5" blade is about right for self protection. We have a lot of Mountain Lions here all of the sudden. I have tried it on some food prep also and it works great. It is a super all around knife. I purchased it from I also have the #102 Woodsman and found the handel a little short for my hand its handle is 3 3/4" and has a 4" blade.

I tried cutting some branches 3/8" to 1/2" with the PathFinder #105 cut through them like butter. I though it was just my strenght. That is when I found out about the new sharpening technique. This is a real all around knife big enough to get the job done without being to large to carry in comfort.

I gotta say, you can't go wrong with buck. My vanguard made a beautiful addition to my colletion, and a good user.