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Small Micarta Double Lug Insingo

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Sep 10, 2013
I have decided to sell the CRK's that I am not using, so up next is this Double Lug, Small Micarta Insingo. I did use this one for awhile. The snail trails tell a story of a lot of use. The fact of the matter is that got it's love marks from spending 50% of it's time in the bottom of my pocket amongst keys and change. With my best efforts using my camera phone, I could not capture the trails. Let me assure you they are everywhere and all over the scales and clip. The edge has been touched up (it is VERY sharp), but still has the factory profile. The stonewash on the blade itself does not show many (if any at all) marks from use. I did drop it once and you will notice the small nick in the titanum near the pivot.

Yes, this one is a user, but it has near 100% life left in her. The snail trails can be erased. There is obviously no blade play, solid lockup, and this is one smooth, perfectly centered, Sebenza.

I have priced this knife accordingly and you will receive a knife that still has a lifetime of use left. Includes box, tool, papers, and cloth.

Asking SOLD PayPal only. The price includes insured Priority shipping and all PayPal fees. I will ship immediately upon receiving funds and will track it all the way to your door. I won't be happy with the deal until you are as well. That is a promise.







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