SOG TV/Movie Apperances


Oct 21, 2003
I am trying to compile a list of apperances of SOG products in various TV shows and movies. Here is the list I have so far. I am sure that there are I items I am missing so if you know of anything please let me know.

Lost - Tigershark

House - Twitch XL

Kill Bill - Desert Daggert

Shooter - Twitch XL

Terminator 2 - SOG Bowie

Battle Star Galactica - SEAL Revolver

Bonus points if you can provide or point to an image of the knife in the TV show or movie.
Photo from your site btw.
That's cheating, Mac! BTW, Gov-Tac. Made in Taiwan. Paired up with that tricked out Remington Model 700 .308 (NATO 7.62x51) sniper rifle with Leupold Mark IV scope.
The movie "SOLDIER" with Kurt Russell has at least two SOG's that I have seen.

Shows Kurt in action with a SOG Seal 2000.

Also, shows Jason Scott Lee in action with a SOG Pentagon in the final one-on-one fight scene with Kurt.

I think there may also be others in this movie but those are two that I remember for sure.
BTW, Gov-Tac.
That's actually the Daggert! Its got the same handle as the Gov Tac but the sheath gives it away :D
Anyways, I've already made a list before so I'll put what hasn't been listed or pictured yet. Here's what I got so far...

Twitch XL in House and Shooter and Seal Revolver in Battlestar Galactica (all three from the SOG site as well)





Tigershark in Lost


Desert Dagger in Kill Bill



SOG Bowie in Terminator 2


Other SOGs featured in movies include the Desert Dagger in Snakes on a Plane, Pentagon (fixed) in Kiss the Girls, Vision in The Transporter, and either the Desert Dagger or Government Agent in The Crow.
My bad on the quick Gov-Tac mistake. Thanks for the data!

Battlestar Galactia? Man, that knife is old!:D
I think there's either a desert dagger or pentagon used in Under Siege 2. If I am right, Steven Segal uses it in a knife fight at the end on the train.

Well, I tried to find the scene, but had no luck. Maybe someone else knows.
Yes the Revolver is in the new Battlestar Galactica not the original.

Thanks for posting the pictures from the SOG site that I already had. :) no bonus points for those but the Kill Bill and T2 are good ones.

Any body got anything else?
I think there was a SOG Seal Knife in Underworld: Evolution and in X2 (X-Men united) as well...
Steven Segal in Under seiege two in the knife fight scene. He has a the seal 2000 and the other guy has a M9 bayonet I believe.
Wasn't there a SOG Twitch in the series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland? I watched it recently, took screenshots but now it looks like it's a different knife... Sorry for the bad quality - it's probably the blade shape that reminded me of twitch, and of course the action - it's either A/O or automatic, looks like he's opening it with a flipper.

what do you guys think? neat thread btw
Not sure about the 24 one. It doesn't really look like a Twitch. I think it is some sort of auto knife.

I have been watching Mythbusters and not yet seen the PowerLock on there. I have seen that other multi-tool company that starts with an L though.
in the end of undersiege 2 the guy had a gerber double edge , in the other knife fight the knife looks a mission knife
Sog Seal Team(elite?) in 28 weeks later.
Rides upsidedown on the main army guy during the whole movie.
No zombies killed by it.
I've seen a Seal knife 2000 in the movie house of the dead 2 used to kill a lot of zombies and a trident or tech-bowie in Masters of horror s1 "pick me up". I don't have pictures sorry.