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SOLD 3 Knives G-10 Handles

Austin Goldman

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
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Dec 30, 2013
Note: These pictures show the knives before sharpening, if you would like additional pictures of the knives after they
have been sharpened just let me know.

Knife 1
.128" AEB-L 60Rc
2 3/4" cutting edge, 7 3/8" OAL
Hand rubbed finish on blade
304 stainless fittings
Orange G10 handles with Black G10 spacers
No sheath included





Knife 2
.148" CPM 154CM 60Rc
3" cutting edge, 7 5/8" OAL
304 stainless fittings
Black and Blue G10 handles
No sheath included





Knife 3
.199" ATS-34 60Rc
3 3/4" cutting edge, 8 5/8" OAL
304 stainless fittings
Black G10 handles with Green G10 spacers
No sheath included





If you would like a kydex sheath to complement a knife I would be glad to make one for $15.00

The first one to post "I'll take it" gets the knife.

Please add $9.00Due to recent USPS price increase. to the price of the knife to cover shipping(within the US). Contact me for international shipping rates.

My Paypal is [austing71011 at gmail dot com] (it's also my personal e-mail address if you have any questions.)

Thank you for considering my work,

Austin Goldman
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I recently purchased one of your knives, it was great. Grind was solid, handle looked great. It's my workhorse for when I'm putting away orders at work and processing down boxes. I go through 20+ a day and it's held its edge quite well, stropped it once and came right back to perfect. Thanks for the knife sir!

Anyone thinking about it should pull the trigger. It's worth it.