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(Sold)Berg production slim, Burger EXK SFL

Discussion in 'For Sale: Folding Knives (Individual)' started by SuperHowl, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. SuperHowl

    SuperHowl Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 12, 2014
    0BFCE7F5-A253-41F1-8901-90BFA0C93B27.jpeg 9ACF00F2-A56D-456D-8F82-00A5B37DA2DF.jpeg 026A1677-19B3-4CB4-8065-9459ED1574E2.jpeg A0505254-B61D-4578-ADA4-D7A3788BACB3.jpeg 195ADB4B-6ADB-4FB0-A5CD-4CE81BCDD601.jpeg D7D8087F-F67A-4D11-91F0-143A06B03649.jpeg CA854004-8298-4007-8DBA-C6305281A209.jpeg 5BF7BECC-AC47-4FB0-9D2B-7ECCCD7885CB.jpeg 2E0EBFF7-62D9-430D-94E0-3409A74655C1.jpeg Hi all,

    A couple up for sale today. All prices PP G&S shipped CONUS. Say “I’ll take it” here and follow up with a pm for payment info.

    1. Berg production Slim- second owner, factory edge and smooth opener. Stonewash, so looks pretty great, I have not used or carried. Asking $sold!!! Comes with card and pouch.

    2. Burger EXK SFL- great EDC knife, you can open slow or fast with the front flipper. Thin blade that appears to be quite the sliver. I carried a few times, have not used. Factory edge, a great knife! Comes with pouch and certificate. Asking $sold!

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  2. `br4dz-

    `br4dz- Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 18, 2016
    Pm sent on the slim
  3. Helix99

    Helix99 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 21, 2014
  4. Kolton Sundquist

    Kolton Sundquist Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 17, 2017
    Unlikely seconds on slim if it falls through
  5. SuperHowl

    SuperHowl Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 12, 2014
    All sold, thanks!

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