Sold. Forged 5160 Camper, Wrap Handle with Purple Heart

Bailey Knives

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Oct 18, 2004
Here is one I forged out of 5160. The blade is antiqued to allow for hard use without worrying about scratches.

The handle is purple heart wood, half wrapped with micro paracord that has been soaked in epoxy. The handle is held in place with pins and G-flex epoxy. The half wrap provides excellent grip.

The sheath is kydex, with a removable belt loop that can be moved from one side to the other for ambidextrous carry. It can also be removed completely and lashed to a pack through the webbing slots.

Blade - 8 1/2" tip to turks head knot
OAL - 14 1/8"

Price - sold. shipped to US

I have this posted elsewhere, so the first timestamp saying "I'll take it!" gets it.

439C7487-C630-4F7F-97A6-C51ABBC5D431 by matthew bailey, on Flickr

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Crag the Brewer

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Oct 18, 2018
Cool looking/eclectic blade.
I normally don't like unique looking knives, but This one really speaks to me.... Good Score!


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Nov 8, 2005

I got hit by an IED in 2004 and wanted a Purple Heart handle knife ever since. I could never decide on a design then this popped up and was near perfect in every way I could have wanted. Now if I can get a knife forged with some of the shrapnel from my accident....

My hats off to Matt Bailey and his impeccable skill at merging beauty and function. I’m truly thankful to Osprey and Mr Bailey for helping me out with this one!