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SOLD. Forged 80crv2 Tanto Point with Brazilian Ebony

Bailey Knives

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Oct 18, 2004
Here is one I forged from 80crv2. I decided to go with a tanto style tip to it. I have lightly antique the blade for hard use.

The handle is brazilian ebony. It has been faceted all the way around and is comfortable in the hand. It is held in place with pins and G-flex epoxy.

The sheath is 7-8oz hand tooled leather. It holds the knife securely and allows for an easy draw.

Blade - 4 7/8" tip to handle
OAL - 9 3/8"

Price - sold shipped to US.

I have this posted elsewhere, so the first timestamp saying "I'll take it!" gets it.

5F48BE95-BB0E-498F-9A8A-55ADF2EE954B by matthew bailey, on Flickr

7394613B-4E06-46A1-ADD4-02DC468E9566 by matthew bailey, on Flickr

2E2DF800-6E58-4D8C-989C-DF6A9986ADBE by matthew bailey, on Flickr

F213E2AE-7DCF-4DC0-99A9-EFE7AFF6C36F by matthew bailey, on Flickr

D7012524-33F0-4DE6-867C-7C36751CC867 by matthew bailey, on Flickr

DA2599CF-9190-4C75-9579-F09C6F4C115D by matthew bailey, on Flickr
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Nov 14, 2021
Could you please post a photo of the blade’s spine looking down (incl tip) so as to give an idea of the thickness at the tip?