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SOLD!! Gerber camping kit and multi tools

William Duncan

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Dec 17, 2017
Up for sale is:
1) a gerber camping kit.
Axe, saw, folding kinfe. Swiss army knife missing tooth pick, and gerber seat belt cutter.

2) muti tools. All used but the sog.
Sog multi tool. Newish no box
Little letherman
Gerber. Got in army. Has a few rust spots on it.
50.00USD for all 4

1st pm gets it followed by email.
All fees are included in price. Ppal only.
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Having been "used", and from their appearance, quite a bit...do the pliers joints have any lateral play? This is, of course, in regards to the leatherman Pulse and Gerber. Thanks!
No play. The leathermans rode in my magazine pocket for a long time. Honestly the only one thats reallly used is the Gerber. Lol it moves all over the place, but it deploys different.
a gerber camping kit.
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