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SOLD Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Automatic Watch H32455557 + 7 Nice Straps


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Sep 21, 2018

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This was my first mechanical automatic watch, which I bought new in December 2014 for $510. It's a great watch and has been constantly worn by me until an amazing Tutima 670 Pacific finally pushed it off my wrist. This Jazzmaster (love that name!) keeps good time (approx -10 sec/day), looks great, and can dress up or down. Note that the case size is 37mm, so this isn't one of those huge "clock-on-the-wrist" size things that (hopefully) will be going out of fashion soon. Definitely a classic throwback design and size.

I'd say that the condition is a solid B, with only shallow scratches on the polished case and lugs from being pretty much constantly worn and changing out bands from time to time. I've checked with a jeweler/watchmaker, and these scratches can be relatively easily polished out. I didn't do it, because frankly I kinda liked the watch this way. The sapphire crystal is flawless, however.

The movement is the ubiquitous Swiss ETA Caliber 2824-2, which can be easily and relatively inexpensively serviced and regulated, when needed, by any reputable watchmaker. You can also google this watch and find a number of overwhelming positive reviews. For the rest of the technical specs, etc, including the best new price I've seen on this watch at $449, check the Joma site for Hamilton Jazzmaster H32455557. Note that the actual blue color of the hands is considerably more subtle, depending on lighting, than what is shown in the photo on Joma webpage.

I'm also including a whole mess o' bands (7, to be exact, see photos), the nicest of which are a Jack Foster brown Horween leather band ($55 new), a Bonetto Cinturini black rubber (real, not silicone) with deployment clasp ($35 new), and a Hirsch brown leather band with white stitching ($38 new). The others include a Barton quick-release brown leather band, a Barton quick-release black silicone band, and two stainless steel Milano mesh bands.
I'd say a very conservative estimate for just the bands I'm offering would be about $100, so I think the price I'm asking for this outstanding watch with all the straps/bands included is an absolute steal.
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