Sold PL Knives Jaguar 5.0


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Apr 1, 2010
Sold $221 + applicable state sales tax. Shipping included.

3/16 80CrV2, Flat ground, Cocobolo over Orange G10. Loveless bolts and mosaic pin. 5" Blade. 10" Overall.

(That back loveless bolt looks like it's too low. It's not. They are all in a perfect line, but the contour of the handle makes it look off.)

Leather or kydex sheaths available:
Leather $60
Kydex sheath only $25
Kydex Dangler $15 or belt loop $12
Leather belt loop for kydex $12
JRE Leather sheath $35

I began making PL knives in 2016. I've done leather work for over 20. I added kydex to my repertoire in the last 3 years. The heat treat on all of my carbon steel knives is done by me in a thermostatically controlled Evenheat knifemaking kiln. Each blade goes through a 3 stage normalization process, followed by heating to austenitic temperature and quench in Parks 50 oil. Then it goes through a 2 stage tempering process. Target hardness is 60 rhc. Scales are glued with West Systems G-flex epoxy. My aim is to produce heirloom quality tools with excellent craftsmanship that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and service.

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