SOLD - Recon 1 XHP Regrind, kind of like a Triad Lock Military

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Good morning friends. This Recon 1 was a black CLD coated version in XHP, and I have given it a "spa" treatment.

It now has a satin finished blade with a pointier profile, and thinner edge geometry. I also very slightly shortened the handle as well, to give a more blade biased blade to handle length ratio. I knocked off the sharp edges on the spine for luxury comfort in thumb driven cuts. I replaced the black asymmetrical thumb studs with silver colored equal sized thumb studs from a cold steel voyager.

Good luck finding another XHP Recon 1, let alone one dialed up to 11 like this one. ;)

Steel: CTX-XHP

Geometry: Full flat-vex, ~15° per side primary edge, 20° microbevel, .012" behind the edge.

Overall Length: 9 1/16"
Cutting Edge Length: 3 7/8"

Weight: 4.6 oz


I bought this six or seven years ago, and only ever used it lightly, mostly only on paper to show off. Five years ago, I gave it to someone. I know he put it in his car console and never used it. He passed away Monday of last week, and I inherited it back, and noted it still had the same edge I put on it when I gave it to him. That is when I did the mods. There is a small amount of DLC still showing near the thumb stud, the slotted thumb stud shows slight wear, as does a clip screw near the butt of the handle, the preowned status, and lack of box are why I am not pricing it more appropriately to its discontinued status, despite the work I put into it. When I owned it before, I put some grip tape on the clip, and it is still there to this day. It shows the same amount of wear as it did when I gave it away. If desire, I can remove the tape, and I will even through in coating removal on the show side of the clip at no charge if desire. No lefty clip. This is a knife modded by one knife lover and user, for another knife lover and user. And what a user this one is going to be for you!

Thanks for looking!

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May 21, 2011
Sorry, I misread blade length. I'll need to pass.
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